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CheckSmart and Legal Mediation Practices - HELP!!!!

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I just found out today that CheckSmart has turned my account over to Legal Mediation Practices even though I went to mediation court in July 2007 regarding repayment of the loan, and CheckSmart had agreed to the repayment plan and had agreed to work with T&C to receive payments. Legal Mediation sent the payments back to T&C today, and T&C requested I talk to Legal Mediation to find out the address to send the payments to. Legal Mediation would not give me the address and said they refuse to work with T&C because the loan was secured by a check that was returned not paid. I live in Ohio, and T&C told me that CheckSmart and Legal Mediation will have to honor the mediation agreement because it is binding, and both myself and the representative from CheckSmart signed and agreed to the terms of the mediation agreement (which is also called a Check Resolution Service Contract Agreement). When I told Legal Mediation this, the representative there said that he would forward my account back to CheckSmart and tell them I refuse to pay the loan even though there is record proof of me paying on the loan, and there is a binding contract between me and CheckSmart regarding the repayment of the loan monthly through T&C's debt management program. When I said I will deal with CheckSmart about this, the Legal Mediation guy said that the account would just be forwarded back to him, and I would have to deal with him again. He also threatened criminal action against me; so now I'm hearing that again.

I thought this situation was being handled, but I'm finding out today that CheckSmart and Legal Mediation refuse to work with T&C. Has anyone else from Ohio had this problem, and what was the outcome for you? Has anyone from any other state had this problem, and what was the outcome for you? I'm crying right now because I'm scared to death! I've told T&C what Legal Mediation told me, so I hope there will be something T&C can do about this. But I'm worried. Very worried. I'm trying so hard to repay my loans, but it seems when I think something is worked out, it ends up falling apart again.

Any help or insight anyone could share with me that has been through what I'm going through now would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hi ladybugmisty. I am not an expert on this at all, but it seems that if there was a binding agreement between you and someone from checksmart then they shouldn't be able to rescind it. Hopefully t&c will be able to take care of this for you. Just hang in there and don't give up. You have taken a big step to handle this in hiring t&c.

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eleroo eleroo

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Well, I found out T&C sent my payments to the wrong address (edit - that was not T&C's fault, CheckSmart was supposed to contact T&C with the address to send the payments to but never did; I don't blame T&C for this in the least; they've been wonderful to me) - to the storefront, not to CheckSmart's corporate office - and the storefront was unaware of the repayment agreement, so because of those errors CheckSmart terminated the repayment agreement and sent the account off to Legal Mediation. T&C said there was nothing more they could do for the account, and neither CheckSmart nor Legal Mediation will talk to me further about the account. So now I'm stuck wondering what is going to happen to me. LM will not even take payments from me now, and they refuse to work with T&C. Anyone got any advice or insight they'd like to share with me regarding my mess? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. I'm really down in the dumps right now, and I hate myself for making such a mess of my life. :cry:


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ladybugmisty ladybugmisty

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Checksmart and Express sent me to the same mediation court. At the mediation hearing they told me to call this guy at corporate office and he informed me to have all checks sent to corporate office. I can tell you I did have a payroll advance from Allied Cash and they sent me to Legal Mediation and they accepted T&C payments. Allied Cash maybe screwed up by sending me to L.M. because T&C had a signed proposal from Allied saying they would accept payments but still turned me over to Legal Mediation.

I do not know if T&C sent checks to legal Mediation or to the Allied Cash store. If you PM me I can give you my name and maybe T&C can look up my account to see if they sent checks to Legal Mediation or to Allied Cash. This may help you in finding an address for them.

Another thing to ask T&C is to have them call their bank. Have them check to see if Checksmart cash these checks or did they return them back to T&C? If they cashed them that may help you if this should ever go small claims court. Another thing is Legal Mediation is a collection company and you are able to send a Cease and Desist letter to them. Have them send everything in writing, the things I see on this website is something else. My first run in with them is they told me I had to pay by 5pm or they would forward this to the next step. I didn't back down since I had a sign proposal from Allied but I never heard from them since after T&C called them.

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Ryan_N Ryan_N

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Ryan, I already have LM's address, but thank you for the offer. T&C said they received all of the checks back from CheckSmart uncashed yesterday, and although I do have in my possession and T&C have in their possession the signed contract of repayment that both me and a CheckSmart rep signed, T&C said they don't think there's anything more they can do with the account because CheckSmart turned it over to LM. T&C also told me there's nothing they can do with LM either. But one of the customer service girls at T&C told me that they work with LM all the time, and LM will accept mailed-in payments from T&C.

I did get a message from T&C late this afternoon regarding an update with my account, so I'm hoping when they return my call tomorrow that they'll say they can work out something with LM. Other than that, I don't know what to do because LM flat out told me they will not accept mailed-in payments from me, nor partial payments of any kind. So it's now a waiting game for me as I wait to see what LM is going to do next.

I have sent out a c & d letter to them about three weeks ago, and they are abiding by it. It was me who contacted them last night and today so that I could find out what was going on with my account after T&C told me CheckSmart had returned the check payments and had put my account with LM. As of yet, I have not received any correspondence from LM even though I specifically requested in my c & d letter that they do that. I have no idea what's going on right now. :(


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ladybugmisty ladybugmisty

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So sorry to hear that. I was hopping I could help with the LM address but you got that covered. Sucks you have a contracted signed and yet nothing can be done. I have learned over the years that collection agencies say they will not accept partial payments but yet they all cashed my money orders I sent. I'm surprised that Checksmart would use a collection agency. Checksmart and Express Payroll are on my credit report as bad checks. I would think they would take you to small claims rather than giving a collection agency a cut in their money. In the Dispatch I've saw about three new bills that are in the house and hopefully they will shut these companies down. Amazing how many payday places have came about in the past 10 years in Franklin County. If there is anything I can help let me know. I think I'm going through the same stuff as you are in Ohio. I've been with T&C now for 5 months and seeing somewhat of daylight. I finally have two payroll advances paid and I have ten more to go. I think in the next two months I will have 4 more paid in full so I will have 6 knocked down. After that I'm hoping it will be all down hill and more will be paid.

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Ryan_N Ryan_N

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misty, I'm about to be in your shoes, and I'm wondering where you paying them anything before they sent you to LM? And how did this turn out?

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Lren0318 Lren0318

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I am presently being harassed by LMP. They have made threats to follow with criminal proceedings. I have paid them 75% of what I owe and then came upon some hard times - financially. I am trying to work something out with them. I'm thinking that my best bet is to go back to the original company and see if I can work out a payment plan to remit the 25% of the debt that I owe. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am losing sleep; I can't concentrate at work for worrying about what steps they will take to collect the debt. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know. :(

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Well I am currently doing research in which it looks like there will be a HUGE class action against buckeye lending aka Check Smart. Apparently, they are taking money out of people account without written or verbal consent. I know what you are about to say, well its on the back that they can do that. That is only for the amount that you wrote for.. No more and no less. Furthermore, if the amount is not in your account then they would have to contact you. Also, other incidents like the cashiers are suppose to go over the contract with you and are suppose to give you terms and conditions if asked for. I have interviewed and surveys several stores in Cincinnati and they are not doing that. Therefore, they are in violation of the public information act. Nevertheless, please stay tuned for I will soon be posting the information for you for filing in Ohio. I have more research to do before I can completely provide anymore information.

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I just got a call today saying that I "apparently" never paid back a loan from 2002! and I can fight it or work out a I am nervous to do either one....

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do not give these people a dime without them sending something in writing.if they refuse they are a scam,and you shouldn't speak to them again.

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