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I just rec'd a call from Legal Mediation Process for E-Payday loan. The lady starts off by saying that if I do not pay the $526.00 today that they will come to my work and I better get a lawyer. Or they will come and serve me at my home. Ask for there number and they said I didn't need there # since e-payday gave me plenty of chances. I told them not to call me at work it was against the law. I had another customer come in at work and told them I could not talk. They said well you better ask them to wait and take the time to talk to me or you will be getting a lawyer. I told them I couldn't talk and to do what they had to do. I had no choice. They said the only choice you have is to pay this today or you will have to deal with the consequences. Can someone come to my work and do that to me. I wouldn't think so. I was in deep payday loan debt and paid off all but this one and one other so I am down to 2 but my husband just got laid off and I can't do anything right now. First a girl was on the phone and I told her not to threaten me and the some guy got on the phone. Like she was being trained or something.


It sounds like it has been turned over to an outside collection agency. I had to deal with E-Payday Loan and they were actually pretty cooperative. I am not sure if it will help but you could try calling Erica in collections at E-Payday, explain your situation and see if she might work with you. If it has already gone to an outside agency, not sure there is much she can do but it would not hurt to try. The number is 866-369-9025, Ext. 103. Good luck!

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their threats are intimidation and thats illegal. they are trying to scare you.. relax, they cannot and will not act that fast. what state are you in?

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