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lawyer states I owe money on payday loan I never got

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I have taken out a payday loans in which I have put them all under consolidation. Last week I have a lawyer calling me stating that there is criminal charges that is going under my name n for me to give him a call back. So I called back asking whats going on?? Without properly identifying me he clsims that I took out a 300.00 loan from on click cash. I told him that I dont remember ever dealing with that company. After I hung up the phone with him I looked up the company and called them they had told me that I never had an account with them. I also called my bank to see if I had any dealings with them as well and they had told me the same. A week goes by and the lawyer calls me again I told him I want to see the validation letter that I had signed he sends me a outstanding bill balance of $550.00 and was uncapable of sending me anything else. What do I do. Csn a pay day loan refuse to go under consolidation? ?

The so called lawyer is not a lawyer but a scammer. Debts are civil, not criminal. What state are you in?, names of lenders?, amount originally borrowed? and amounts paid back so far? A very good possibility that your lenders are illegal and only owe original amount borrowed. Answer these questions and we can help you further. As far as the consolidation company goes, get out of that contract as you can handle this by yourself.

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File a complaint against the lawyer to the SAG or FTC, as they are scammers. Don’t share any personal information with them. Moreover payday loan consolidation is possible only when your loans are legal. Consolidation is not applicable for illegal loans.

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most legal pdl's will work with people,and not consolidation are wrong.

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