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i signed up with langhorne debt solu.
but now i am wondering if ishould go at this on my own

Langhorne debt solutions is a good company and if you are willing to pay the fees they will do a good job. However if you want to do the leg work and save some money you can settle these on your own. This site has all the info you need to settle on your own if you want to go that route. Either choice is good depending on what you want. :D

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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how do I settle them on my own? Do I close my checking account so they can"t take funds and to prevent nsf fees? What about wage garnishment? Can anyone help me?

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Welcome! I would say the first step is to list several things so we can advise correctly. What is your state of residence? What PDLs do you have? Are they internet or storefront. How much has you borrowed? How much have you paid back? All of these are necessary as laws vary from state to state and it impacts how you will go about resolving this nonsense. The things you ask are legitimate questions and one will follow the other. This will be the start of your journey and people on this board will direct you step by step. Take care and know that help is on the way.

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llw1995 llw1995

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We are a site dedicated to helping people get out of debt, not add more. We do not allow solications, nor do we appreciate it.

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llw1995 llw1995

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well, i have closed my account with langhorne so, i guess i can expect to receive calls this week.

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You can do this. I guess I would ask again for the same info as requested in my earlier post. The sooner you can get that info to us, the sooner we can get you started.

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llw1995 llw1995

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you can do this yourself, we just need the info asked so we can help you. :)

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bea2ls bea2ls
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