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I have seen the thread with people discussing the pros and cons of services like the one that Langhorne offers, but I want to know if there is anyone out there who has successfully used them to eliminate their PDL problem? Is there anyone out there who has used them and had more problems than what they started out with?

I called Langhorne, but didn't owe enough (at least $1000.00). However, I did call the 800 number at the top of this sight and followed the prompt for legal help. I was connected to Oakview Law. I did sign with them and so far so good! I was pleased with the way they handled my case to sign up. Shortly after I signed up, I had a call from one of the pdl collectors and called Oakview back and they handled things for me. Give them a call. Good luck!! :D

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For what it's worth, I spoke with Langhorne when I first came to this site. The gentlemen I spoke with was rude and VERY impatient. After speaking with him, I told him that I needed some time to go over the specifics he had given me and I got chewed out royally for "wasting" his time. He told me that they had previous PDL experience, as the owner/ceo (whatever) was a former attorney for the PDLs and he knew the ins and outs of the business and how could I question his authority on the subject. Well, for starters, he told me it would cost me upwards of $2000 to settle with 5 PDLs even though they are prohibited in my state AND I had already repaid what they deposited into my bank account on 3 of them. I asked why they would "offer" a settlement of $150/200 over what I already paid and was told that it was just the sensible thing to do and the PDLs would require it. That was the end of that. I jumped on my computer, starting sending out letters to everybody I could that seemed remotely connected to the particular PDLs and ended up coming away paying over $300 LESS than what I borrowed to begin with. I traced details of emails the PDLs sent me, and sent return emails to any email address I could find. They were connected to administrators, billers, registrants, anybody who would take my plight seriously. It takes time, a lot of hard work and a pretty damn strong constitution to get it done but it is possible. But. . .that's me and my personality. You must do whatever feels right for your situation. I would only suggest if you choose to use a third party, that you look into all that are available before you do so. Good luck and keep us posted.

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How much did it cost to work with Oakview Law? What have they done for you? Did the phone calls from the pdls stop?

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Oakview is great to work with. Iam not using them for my payday loans that I have out because they are illegal in my state.

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They are charging 99.00 per account. I wish I had found this sight earlier and could have done it myself, but I was really being squeezed by both of the pdls so I called the number at the top of the sight. I had about 11 pdls at one time and have dealt with some of the worst collectors that have been mentioned on this site and paid way more than I had to because I was pressured and threatened. I probably could have done this myself with what I have learned here, but I couldn't get one of the collectors to shut up long enough for me to stand up to him so I called Oakviw. So far they have been great to work with! The calls have stopped. I will update again early next week. By then I should be able to tell you more. For peace of mind I would give them a call.

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I did work with Langhorne and had great luck with them. I got several settlements and they helped me when I was taken to arbitration by one of them. It gave me real peace of mind to know that someone was working for me and was in my corner.

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