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Subject: langhorne and epayday loan
ok here is an update. the settlement with epayday was 400.00
i was told 350. whatever the case i have paid 350. now i am being told that i still owe 260.00 but erica is willing to accept 100.00 by friday. i am not paying no more than 50.00 i went through all of my emails and there was nothing mentioned that a specific date the money had to be paid by. also in all of my emails did langhorne starte "robin you need to have it in paid in full by this date or you will owe the full amount . having gone through this i have decide i would be better off cleaning up this mess MY SELF. ANY SUGGESTIONS AND/OR SUPPORT IS AND WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. i know that when i tell them this they are really going to come down on me.

langhorne has helped me out of almost all of my debt..and thank god I was getting buried with over 10grand in the hole! I also had the same deal going on with epayday, but it wasn't langhornes fault that girl erica from epayday kept changing the settlement amounts after I i gave the epayday the first settlment amount and said screw it...langhorne isn't as bad as those other made it sound..they are just trying to help us out...this was a big lesson to learn! one i won't go back to largely becasue of them and them keeping me on track..dan

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