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Check N GO is Treatening to Garnish Wages....

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I have a loan out with Check N Go and they called me telling that I have two days to clear the matter over a check that just got returned or they will move to their collection department which wil garnish my wages. I called back and told them they needed a court order to garnish my wages. They responded in my contract that they could do so if I did not pay. I'm in AZ. Is this possible? I thought even if it is in a contract, they would need to get an order from a judge which of course, a lawsuit needs to be filled and the defendent properly served.

The collection agency for Check n Go can take action and go through the process to obtain a court order to collect which can mean wage garnishment.

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same thing is happening to me. But they cant garnish anything since i was layed off and cant get a job since no one is hiring, and im not getting unemployment so they cant garnish that either.. which is why i havent paid my loan i told them that but they will not work with me. they are demanding money i dont have and i told them only way i could get it was robb a bank they said we dont care how you get it just get it!!! Dont worry im not gonna rob a bank (thow it would be a whole lotta fun :)) anyway my advice is if you dont have the money to pay, then dont worry about it. cause i dont give a shit (myself) about check n go, the us government, or what any collection agency or court thinks. Ill flat out refuse to pay since they are being dicks. even if i get a job and the garnish, ill quit. and find a job where i get paid cash only. i dont care anymore about credit scores or credit or bankers or any of the other rejects of america anymore. I would rather Rot in prison the rest of my life then pay 1 penny to check n go. or any other loansharking lender. :) Join the world wide revolutionary movement. Support your local terrorist or militia organization. thank you and God bless the revolution to overthrow the nwo, international banking cartel, all world tyrants, all walstreet mobsters, the chicago scum mayor and all other rich greedy gold drinking scumbags who trample all over the poor every damn chance they get! one of these days my friend The Blood of the enemies of human liberty shall flow like a river! VIVA LA REVOLUTION! VIVA LA LIBERTY!

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