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I have a couple of loan out to help with bills. I have a castle payday lian for 475 and they want 641 I live in California I also have an installment loan with cashnetusa for 2900 paid 2087 and they want 2400 more I can't afford to pay so much please help

CashNetUSA is a legal, licensed payday loan provider for California. Their license is on the website (http://www

However, they do not do installment loans in CA and the maximum amount you can do a payday loan is $255.

Did this loan originate from another state?

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michaeldhetrick michaeldhetrick

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No I live in California I took their payday loans like 6 times then they offered and installmet loan.

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Castle payday is an illegal lender. You owe them nothing more than the borrowed amount i.e $475 only. But Cash Net USA is a licensed lender. You are responsible to pay them both the principal and interest. In this case you may try to negotiate with Cash Net USA and set up a payment arrangement with them.

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