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I've been here as a guest before and, thanks to everyone's help, I've got a good start on (hopefully) nailing these payday companies. I had 9 loans out. Overpaid on 5 of them, still (moral obligation) owe 4 of them. I sent cease and desist/ach revocation emails to all of them. Telling them to contact me by email or usps only and that if they don't respond I will go to the BBB & Attorney General. I sent the letters out last Tuesday and, though I've received answers back, none of them have issued me PIF letters. They just keep re-stating how much (they think) I owe them. I continue to re-email them my original letter (which tells them how much I overpaid and Illinois state law)- though I just keep being brushed off. I DON'T want to call them because I know from these forums how abusive they might get. I was going to snail mail the letters out, but I'm missing some addresses: Cash Direct Express/GEC, Impact Cash USA and FastMoney911. First, does anyone have these addresses. Second, what should I do next? They won't be debiting my account since I closed it, but I want them COMPLETELY off my back. So what more can I do to them to get the Paid in full letters I so desperately want?

You can definitely take a debt consolidation loan and pay it off. It is better to get-rid off them as early as possible.

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phoenix phoenix
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sorry phoenix,but if what linus said is true.why take a loan to
pay off illegal pdl's that they overpaid already.linus i need two

1)how much borrowed from each
2)how much paid back to each total

being from IL myself i can advise how to proceed.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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hi Linus, Paul is right, why pay out more money than you need to? With a little time & patience you can get rid of these loans. I defaulted on mine at the end of April & out of 11 loans, I have 1 that I am paying off.

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dawnlango7 dawnlango7

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Please do not consolidate ILLEGAL PDL loans. It will end up costing you more in doing so, remember you have the laws on your side if they are ILLEGAL.

Like Dawn and Paul said it will take time, but it can be done. I too had 11 PDLs in May, and now I am PDL free! :D

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Cool_Abyss Cool_Abyss
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I couldn't log in tonight...don't know what the issue is..but here's my totals;
STC Advance: borrowed $200, paid $370
Cash Direct Express/GECC: borrowed $500, paid $997
Impact Cash USA: borrowed $300, paid $270
United Cash Loans: borrowed $300, paid $500
One Click Cash: borrowed $400, paid $650
FastMoney911: borrowed $350, paid $210
UC Financial/EZ Payday: borrowed $300, paid $555
OSL Marketing: borrowed $250, paid $0
Zip 19: borrowed $300, paid $0

Obviously the last two I owe on and will pay. BUT, the more I look at HOW much I overpaid the others the MORE disgusted I get. So I guess to add another do I let them know I changed my mind- I want a refund!? (for those I overpaid on) Is there something I can do that will let them know I mean business? Thanks for your help!

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hello again linusmom,first i can't post our laws somebody should
be able to.print that up and send with your letters.second and
be prepared to do this because i did.inform them of your intention to file AG complaints to resolve this.send that with your letters and then file the complaints.these pdl's are all
illegal and will fight you,but in the end you will come out on top.
i did thanks to this forum and everyone on it.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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