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I have 4 pay day loans out and I need to know if these companies are legit in WA. They are:
Peak 3
Zip 13

Any help would be great.

The first 3...are those their full names??? Not finding websites...
Zip mean Zip 19?? They offshore and illegal

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lol yes I meant Zip 19. The others full names are:
1. Anasazi Group LLC
2. Archway Holdings Group LLC but their email is [EMAIL="archwaycs@midlandcompanies. net"]archwaycs@midlandcompanies. net[/EMAIL]
3. Peak 3 Holdings their email is[EMAIL="iscustomerservice@p3servi"]customerservice@p3services. biz[/EMAIL]

Are these legal in Washington? I keep getting harassing calls on my cell and at work from Archway. They faxed my work a verification of employment letter which my boss gave me, not to mention they called and were asking my boss personal information about me. So my boss gives me the phone, the man was rude and told me that I was in trouble and i am officially being served and he was coming to my work to serve me. I told him not to call my work ever again and if he needed to serve me come to my house and serve me. I had no idea who he was or what he was calling about. He argued with me and told me I knew exactly what he was calling about, I told him I didn't, he gave me a number to call with a claim number so i call and this man wants me to pay in full. I told him I couldn't but I did want to take care of it I would have to make payments. He placed me on hold and got a supervisor, we came up with workable terms to repay the pdl then she asked for my cc info I refused to give it to her I told her I would call the payments in on a pre paid cc card, she got irritated and told me that if I didnt take care of this today there will be a "case" in WA against me. I asked her what do you mean a case, this is a civil matter. She told me that since I closed my account that I had intention on fraud. I told her that was not the case and she rudely told me well call me with your cc info or good luck in court. A few hours later I got a call on my cell phone from the man from earlier that called my work he left me a threatening message telling me that I am officially served. Now that is a load of BS.My only concern is that his phone number is local. How do I keep these people from contacting me at work and harassing me....Right now I am so irritated I dont care if they sue me. i just want them to leave me the heck alone!!!!

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michellegrasch michellegrasch

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Not finding anything on any of these...but they do need to be licensed. Go to the link above and call your regulators on monday.

Revoke your voluntary wage assignment and give a copy to your payroll department.

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How do I revoke it and what do I do if they keep calling my job?
These were all internet payday loans, I don't know if that makes a difference or not. My boss is getting irritated with me. Not to mention the threats. I also got 6 emails in the last 12 hours that said:

Applicant# 154620747-300
Your account with was sent to National Credit Adjustors, 866-660-1626
Thank you,

I don't even know who these people are. I have also got phone calls from foreigners that threatened to file 3 felony charges against me if I dont give them money right then, when asked what company hired them to collect they gave me 20 names and I did not take a pdl from any of them. So I hung up on them. This is very irritating and I really don't know what to do. I have never used a pdl before nor will I ever again, it is so frustrating. What do I need to do?

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