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First, thanks for the great information I've found on this forum! I've been able to take care of loans I had with Plain Green and Mobiloans using advice on here.

I borrowed $700 from Blue King and have paid $630. I emailed them, revoked my ACH, and have taken care of it with my bank. However, they've emailed me back saying they'd settle for $250 and if I didn't pay by Oct. 30th, I would owe $857 (original loan + interest). How should I respond to them? Any suggestions of how to word the email? I'm worried if I decline their offer,they'll come after me for the $857. Thanks for your help!

they are illegal,and can't do squat.respond just like this:

dear dumbass tribal are illegal in every way.therefore i owe 70.00 nothing more.furthermore you can claim i owe 1,000.000.00 and would mean precisely do you want the 70.00?if not then you get precisely dick.70.00 take it,or leave it.

again they are tribal and can/will threaten everything,but be able to do nothing.send that response verbatim.

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They are illegal lender. You owe them nothing more than the borrowed amount. Don’t pay them any interest or fees. Simply close down your old bank account and open a new one to stop debiting money from your account. If required, file a complaint against them to the SAG or FTC.

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I emailed Blue King back and told them that I had been advised by my attorney that I only owed the balance on the principal--$70. That was on Thursday and I re-sent it on Friday. No response--not even an automatic one like I got the first time. I also reminded them about revoking the ACH, etc. How long should I wait to hear from them and what should be my next step? I saw on their site they will be closed on Monday--Columbus Day. They've also put my loan 'on hold'.

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Did you get any resolution with this? I also have a loan with them and have paid 3xs what I borrowed. Wanting facts before taking action.

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