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How do get out of installment loan nightmare

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I live in California.

I have managed to get myself in a nightmare mess of ultimate proportions. I am looking for any help to get me out of the following installment and pay day loan mess. I want to pay these off but I can't pay them all together. I make $130k year and I have no money after each pay period.

Installment loans 12 -48 months

Cashcall. - $10k. Owe $9900. Pay $767 a month.
Cash1 - $2600 owe $2500. PAY $399 a month
Checkngo - $5000 owe $4900 pay $627 a month
Kwikcash - $10000 owe $9000 pay $696 a month
Risecredit - $2600 owe $2500 pay $414 a month
Dollarloancenter-$2500 owe $2386 $484 month
Ace cash express - $2609 owe $2699 $750 month
Cashnetusa $2600 -owe $2600 $448 month
Net credit $3500 - owe $3300 $520 month

14 day loans
Speedycash - 300 owe 300
Advance America $300 owe $300
Lendup - $300 0we 309
The money store $500 owe $650

I can easily afford a consolidated monthly payment of $1000 and could pay these down fast if were not the interest rates out of control. I have been making these payments for a long time and can't get above water. I intend to pay these off if someone could help direct me. I have not missed a payment but I am afraid I can't do this anymore.

What do I do. Freaking out in CA. Can't sleep, can't eat, can't work. Help!

I have not taken any actions yet as I don't know where to start.

Most of these are legal suggestion is to get yourself to a bankruptcy attorney asap and get their recommendation.

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I do agree with SoapLady and feel that a bankruptcy attorney would indeed be helpful. I also live in California and have had my own dealings with some of these lenders. My suggestion with Advance America and the other lenders you owe $300 too, which is the legal limit for a PDL in California, is to call them directly to see if you can work out a payment plan, which is what I did with Advance America. You will still get nasty calls from their corporate office, but the loan is still paid down and off on your terms. You can also see if they offer an Extended Payment Plan, which is where you pay off the loan in 4 equal segments.
Most of these installment loan places are legal, which means they can report to credit bureaus and can sue you in civil court, should you not pay them.
With that being said, I would still move that you get a new account number at your bank--because as soon as these places find out that there is a chance that you would not pay them, they could hit your account as much as they want.
Good luck, and keep us posted.

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Hey Guys and Gal,

Has it been determined if Rise is a legal lender? I sought out advice for my account with them and there was a disagreement as to whether Rise Credit was legal since they switched from PayDay One.

One of our experienced members said they were tribal and illegal , while another member said that they were indeed legal.

There was never a consensus and I can't find anything to verify one way or another.

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