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Has anyone ever heard of this company? This just left a voicemail saying that they're going to send the authorities to my workplace and disclose the the charges, but they didn't say for what.

I called the number left, 855-603-4518, and they tell me it was with a PDL with Bottom Dollar. I've had many, but NEVER with them and I have no reason to lie about that.

What do I do?

They gave me the address 2309 N. Forest Road, Getzville,NY and I Googled it and it looks like a house.

I also called my clerk of courts with the case number they left, 11427-5 and they said that it doesn't exist and that they would never leave a message like that.

The lady who called seemed like she was presenting herself as an employee of the Clerk of Court, b\c she said I had every right to contact the plaintiff, blah, blah, blah

File a complaint with the FTC..Just the Voice mail alone is in violation of collection laws. You could send them a letter requesting Deb Validation or C&D - but like you said the address is more than likely bogus..

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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Thanks AZ...I actually did that shortly after getting the voicemail. I even filed a complaint with the CFPB and the NY AG as well and attached the voicemail (Google Voice is awesome) to my complaints.

I forgot to mention when I called NPG, the lady said that I should have already been served back in December and that my mother was getting subpoenaed the day the call, which she didn't.

I just can't believe the things these companies go through.

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JujuNola JujuNola

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I received the same call regarding the Same company and I had no dealings with them.

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#3: Did they leave you the same voicemail?

When I received the voicemail, I was like "What now?". Once she told me they were collecting for a company I never had any dealings with, much less an online lender, I wasn't worried.

I told her that I filed a complaint and forwarded the illegal voicemail they left and told her I'll patiently wait to have her butt handed to her.

I was more so upset because I set up my work and cell not to receive Unknown number calls, which is what it was coming up as. So when they couldn't reach me, I guess they just started dialing generic extensions for my job, because, I received a forwarded call from a random employee whom I didn't know and who's not in my department, telling me someone was looking for me and wanted to talk about charges being filed against me for check fraud. Yea, I was pissed and that's what started the complaint filings.

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JujuNola JujuNola

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They told me the same exact story. I had no clue who bottom dollar is. They told me a friend of mine would be subpoenaed. When I get a phone call from this lady she always calls with a "no caller id". They threatened to charge me with wire-check fraud, 3 counts and that they would be felonies.

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report and ignore.this is a scam that if you keep talking to them they will keep calling.they will not do anything they threaten.okay so report and's a waste of your time to give these losers anything but a hang up,or deletetion of their messages.anybody else called by them needs to do the same.bottomline is that when you call them it gives them a screwed up impression they can extort money from reporting and ignoring they go away in time.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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