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my husband and i took a small 300.00 loan from this company about a year and a half a go and had been having 75.00 every two weeks out of our account. we had paid over 700.00 and they said we still owed them. i put a stop payment from my bank and just yesterday i got a call from 1866-371-4191 saying that we are going to be served a summons for fraudulant. that we owe 1400.00 dollars and are being taken to court. what do i do? im from Iowa

report this number and place to your local police.JHS is an illegal lender and you overpaid.do more than out a stop payment as those cost money and never work long term.you eed to close that account and open a new one.to summarize an illegal lender you overpaid,and a bottomfeeder making illegal threats.report and ignore,but see a manager at your bank and close that account.btw you didn't pay 700.00.it is more like 1200.00

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