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I took out a $1600 loan from Plain Green Loans early this year I paid back about $250 of this amount on my own before I couldn't pay anymore because I lost my job. I got a job recently and was going to resume payment but then found out through this forum and elsewhere that PGL is illegal in my state of Pennsylvania and I have no legal obligation to repay them. So I haven't paid anything else since.

I got a phone call today from National Credit Adjusters saying that they purchased my account from PGL and that I owe them 2400 dollars. I told the guy that PGL is not licensed in the state of Pennsylvania and the debt is not valid and he can't collect anything. He said he would sue me for the amount if I did not pay. I hung up.

What should I do from here? While I realize I may have a moral obligation to pay the rest of the 1600 back, it's still not a good time for me right now. Legally, I believe I don't owe anything at all.

Should I send a debt validation letter to NCA? Or a cease and desist letter? Can NCA come after me legally or put something on my credit report for a loan that is not legal?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

this hunk of crap can do nothing to you.first it's a tribal lender,and secondly no pdl is legal in PA..thirdly PA is non-garnishment.lastly NCA is a piece of shit bottomfeeder that relies on illegal threats because they take dirty illegal loans.send the C&D certified mail return receipt and if the stem continues to call sue him.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Thank you for the response. I will send the letter. My last question is can they still try to report it on my credit report? I haven't checked the report yet, the rep said they just purchased the account. PGL never showed up on my credit report but now I'm concerned this NCA will. If it shows up on my credit report, how do I get them to take it off?

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an illegal tribal lender cannot legally report.if(and that's a BIG if)they do you can easily dispute it off so don't worry about that.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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