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I live in Texas. Today while at work my cell phone rang. Not recognizing the number, I hit ignore. The caller immediatly called back. I hit ignore. The third time I answered because I was worried it might actually be important.
The man told me he was a locator for a pre litigation firm and he needed to let me know he would serve papers to me this afternoon.I asked what this was in regard to. He tells me some hogwash about the envelope being sealed. He gave me a numbe to call and a claim number. I called the number and the rude man that answered tells me that this is in regard to a payday loan I took out from Check N Go storefront in March 2010. He couldn't give me an amount. He said they were going to file charges for fraud and breech of contract. I told him I needed his address so I could send him a request for a debt validation letter. He refused and argued. Finally got thru to a supervisor. Went thru the same spill, with her telling me that they are subject to the fair debt collections act because they were pre lit, not collections. I said if I offered you money right now, would you take it? She said of course. I told her she proved my point, and how did I know she had any right to collect on anything? I never took out a loan with her company, so why should I owe them money? She still refused. I thanked her for her time and hung up. The first guy called back an hour later. The first 3 times he called I ignored it. The fifth time, I answered. He said he would have to serve me papers today. I told him good I was home right now. He said he would be here in 45 minutes. That was 2 hours ago.
Jeez! I didn't mean to write a book. Sorry. My question is have I done the right thing, and do I need to do anything else? Thank you in advance

I should have proof read. It was supposed to read that she said they weren't subject to the fair debt act

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nikki.manis nikki.manis

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Debts are civil, not criminal. You cannot be prosecuted,, sent to jail, etc. Ignore the calls. If they persist, file a complaint with the FTC.

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bingonut bingonut

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file a police report as this scumbag scammer broke the law hand over that on top of bingonut's advice knowing again a scumbag scammer.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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One of these companies tricked my wife and she ended up paying them $200 over the phone one afternoon. The debt was supposedly from a loan taken out several years ago that was finally going to court. Back then I had a terrible job and was already served papers the proper, legal way and it was embarassing. She didn't want the same thing to happen to me that day so she agreed to pay them something but they never followed up with a call, email, etc.These people prey upon the uninformed masses. Call the people that do this and the tactics they used whatever you want - ultimately it's smart. It gets results and sadly yes, people do lose money on this. I just wish there was a way to turn the tables on them and watch them squirm.

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You did exactly the right thing. This agency is in clear violation of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Continue to ignore their demands for payment and the previous response you received is correct as well. You cannot be prosecuted in criminal court for this kind of debt. This company's claim to do so is the first of several violations for the FDCPA. You're the good person here, they are not.

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Same story. Gave them my attorney's name and phone number. They didn't want it. Really? Pre Litigation and they don't want to speak to my attorney? What a crock of crap. You did exactly the right thing, By the way the number they called me from was 888-357-9195 and the guy who wanted to serve me papers called from 619-754-9881.

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I got a call today while I was at school. The call came to my home,so my son answered the call. Someone on the phone told him that it was urgent that they speak to me because I was in trouble,so my son called my cell phone while the person was still on my home phone,because my son was worried,and concerned about the trouble he was told I was in. He could not reach me on my cell phone,because I do not take my phone in class. So as I was leaving school I checked my cell phone as I always do. I noticed I had a missed call from a number I did not know,so I assume my son gave this person my number after he{my son) could not reach me. I did not call the number back because I also noticed that this caller had left me a voicemail,so I decided to listen to the voicemail. It told me that I needed to call that number because I was being charged for a claim against me,and it was urgent that they speak with me. It also told me that I had been warned and that this was the only notice I will get. When I got home,my son told me about the other call I had got. He also gave me the phone number I was told to call,along with a case number. I called the toll-free number,and spoke with someone who told me about the charges against me from a payday loan company(Advance America). They say the loan was back in 2008 for the amount of $970. They told me that I needed to pay the money or I would have to appear in court, Come to find out the first call came from the person who was to serve me the documents to appear in court. I messed around and gave them my credit card information,but they were only supposed to get the payment on a certain date. After I got off the phone with them,I got puzzled. My instincts kept telling me that something was not right about this ,so I did some more calling. First I called the company they say I had the loan with,and explained to them what was going on,and they say it is a scam because they had already gotten calls from others with the same problems,so they gave me the number to the FTC. After I finished taking care of all of this,I called that person(scammer) back and informed them of all that I had done. I told them that I knew this was a scam. Guess What? They told me that they would not be taking any money off of my credit card(but of course I already cancelled it). At first they were still sticking to their story,trying to make me believe that I had to pay this money or go to court. I told them I was not paying so they told me that someone would be bringing me someone(the caller that left the voicemail) would be bringing me some documents and then hung up the phone. I waited for the documents they say would arrive in 20 minutes by the first caller,which is the same person that left the voicemail. But of course no one ever came,and I did not receive another phone call. These scammers really need to be stopped.


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OMG.. I just got a call from Global Pre litigation firm and i was so puzzled. so i spoke to 2 different people. The first one was a butt and the supervisor was very nice and calm. the same exact stoy as you all are saying. It is a scam. WHen I heard that the rude man would serve me papers to appear in court, I got nervous, but then I said to the lady... Let me check the BBB and I'll call you back with my credit card number... So instead I googled the name and here it is..!!! SCAM.!!!! so glad I took the time to goggle it first. And if any man serves me anything it better be an apology. lol. I have been a victim of this same type of scam. HOw do they get ALL of your loan info and job and address info? This is crazy. Thank God for google and you all posting the info. I am soooo relived now. Can't wait for them to call me back. lol.

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I received the same call today, same number of attempts to reach me and same dates as the first person. I got a call from 1-855-203-2449 and the person that called first was Corey Adams and the second one was Joe Sanchez. They were rude and could not give me accurate information, when I told them I had already cleared this up he got even more rude and threatened me with criminal charges. I told him I did not feel comfortable giving any further information and I would have my lawyer contact them. He then got more mad and said good luck with that if you get "served" today.

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The same thing just happened to me today. My dad called me telling me that someone called him twice today saying that they were taking me to court for an old payday loan from way back in 2008. They gave him the number 1-888-307-1059 and a claim number to give me. My father said the guy who called him and gave him that information called him from 614-929-3687. I called these people and they told me that they was E-Z Money payday loans was taking me to court for fraud and breech of contract. These people had an address on me and that I haven't lived at for 6 years. I told them that I haven't received any letters regarding this. They told me that it is my responsibility to forward my mail when I move... (I put in a change of address EVERY SINGLE TIME I move. I use to work in collections so I know my laws. The funny thing is this... how can they try to get money for a debt or try to serve me papers when THEY NEVER ASKED me what my current address and phone number is. They contacted my father trying to reach me and my father only had his current number for 2 months... the number I have I have had for some time now.... hmmmmm... sounds fishy doesn't it.

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