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Hello all, I have been on here for the past 3 weeks and I am on my way to breaking the cycle. I have had 1 PIF notice since logging on for the first time so I am very excited. I already closed my account and redirected my pay to another account. Im getting alot of calls from GFSIL and Cash Today Ltd those people are playing hardball but i will not budge.

As far as CTC, I have had probably 20 or so loans from them over the past year. They take the fees and Principle 15 days after the issue date in full. I now know that the rates and fees are outrageous plus they are illegal. My most recent Loan was for 1250.00 now they are asking for a total of 1,685.00 roughly.
My question is should i tell them to go pack sand because i have probably paid that much in excessive fees over the past year or tell them i will pay down principle ONLY. I live in Florida and i have already sent them a revocation letter and all the other info ive learned on this site. Thanks

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