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First of all, thank you to all of the experts here. You have helped me get rid of many illegal payday loans. However, I am still dealing with Western Sky/Cash Call. How do I try to have them removed from my credit report? Who do I contact and what do I say? Any help is appreciated, thank you. I live in NY.

You must be aware that payday loans are not legal in NY. Western Sky is an illegal company. In this case, contact the credit reporting agency and request them to remove the information from your credit report.

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Western Sky is an illegal lenders. Illegal lenders can’t report to the credit bureaus. Since they have done the same, so you should dispute it with the credit bureaus immediately.

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If you loan did originate with western sky it is illegal. They turn it over to cash call. You can report to credit agencies butthey do not cooperate with removing it. I have been trying for a year now.good luck

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Start hounding your state AG's office....there are so many law suits against these guys, most ag's will be happy to help.

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Your AG filed a lawsuit against them on 08/12 -- get in contact with them ASAP. Dispute with the CRAs and include a copy of the lawsuit with your dispute.

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