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My husband and I are stuck in a terrible pay day loan cycle we have been since may of this year. It all started with one pay day loan we desperately needed when we went out of town to visit our family. My husband is a firefighter/emt and I was up until a couple weeks ago a stay at home mom to 2young children. Due to our mistakes and not being able to pay for the first payday loan I had to get a night time part time job to help pay for our pay day loans and we are still struggling. We have a total of 7 payday loans now:( After the first one we could never catch up and couldnt pay rent, utilites etc so felt the need to get one after another. Now we are so screwed we dont know what to do, i was reading other forums and see there is alot of other people in the same situation so I broke down our loans what we borrowed, paid and the balance owed. We need some advice ASAP we arent sure how we are going to pay rent next month my husband works very hard and is gone alot when he is home and able to spend time with us he is soo stressed about our situation we cant enjoy anytime day for us has become hell day and figuring out how we are going to buy food after all the bills PLEASE I WILL TAKE ANY SERIOUS ADVICE here is a list of all our paydayloans
1. EZ MONEY-borrowed $1500 -paid $2163-principle paid 746.61- finance/fees-1399.72-BALANCE 1162.72
2.check n go first borrowed 526 and paid 1447.56 (fees+principle)paid off -then had to get another one- borrowed 825 and just paid 210.09will have to pay same in @weeks BALANCE $1034.41
3.Discount Advance borrowed 200 paid 175.84 fees..BALANCE $265
1.First cash Advance (lender is Texas Loan Corp) borrowed 625- fees paid-419.67 -BALANCE 764.00
2.ACE cash express borrowed 930 not sure how much have paid but the fee is $189.00 guessing have paid the fee at least 4 times..have had it opened for awhile but have had to pay it off and then renew it right away
3.Advance America first borrowed $400 paid one fee of $81 readvanced another $550 total borrowed$950 fees paid 276 BALANCE $1144.32
4.Cash store (just got yesterday to pay the other ones said it was an installment loan but still comes out every 2 weeks) borrowed $880 finance charge is 1712.31$ total payments will be $2592! yes stupid of us! but felt like we had no choice:(
We want our lives back and need to figure out something as soon as possible..thanks in advance1

ACE Cash Express, Cash Store and Check n go are licensed lenders. But EZ MONEY, Discount Advance and Advance America are illegal most of the state of US. You owe only the principal balance to your illegal lenders. Don’t pay them any interest or fees. Ask them for the refund, as you have overpaid them. Simply close down your old bank account and open a new one to stop debiting money from your account. As far as the legal loans are concerned, you are liable to pay both the principal and interest. In this case you may try to negotiate with your licensed lenders and set up a payment arrangement with them.

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advance america is a storefront and therefore legal.know what you are posting before you post it please.

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