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It has been awhile since I have posted. One of my loans is apparently trying to come back to haunt me. Geneva Roth/Loan Point just called and want to know why i have not been paying then an that i owe them a large sum of money for returned checks. What a bunch of bull. I revoked all ACH debits from them on 6/5, I closed my bank account I faxed them everything, emailed them everything, and even received a response from them saying that my account balance was cleared as of 6/25. The guy today says that I faxed them a request to pay off my account. Bunch of bull!! He even was reviewing all of the emails with me over the phone and had the nerve to say that the account balance may be cleared but there are fees I need to pay. I pretty much told him that I have copies of all the emails. He says the original rep. says account cleared is no the same as paid in full.

how stupid do they really think people are. As far as I am concerned they can take me to court. I overpaid them anyway and I would like to see them try to collect anymore money from me.

Anyone else have this happen?

I have not had that happen yet, but the letter stating that my account was paid in full was through the BBB, so maybe I will get lucky. I hope everything works out for you

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dawnlango7 dawnlango7

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Email Rebecca West Rebecca West she was very helpful to me. Send her all of you back and forth correspondence with the other rep.

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rwest (@) sorry this is her email

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they just called me, too - i'm posting a thread they are so horrible! i spent like an hour crying after an 8 min convo with those people

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bea2ls bea2ls
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A little update. I am so thankful that I have kept everything from these people. I had a copy of the BBB response from my complaint. they responded to the BBB on 6/25 stating that my loan was paid in full, and that no further debits are scheduled to occur to my checking account. I call this man who called me today and asked for his fax number so he could see a copy of the response his company sent to the BBB. I hope they choke on it. In my book balance cleared is the same as paid in full, but now I at least I have it from them to the BBB as paid in full. He told me that they would reveiw it. Yeah sure they will

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srjanes srjanes

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I really hope it works out for you.. maybe they're having problems and thats why they're coming out of the woodwork like this? Hopefully, they shut down. They're unreal!

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bea2ls bea2ls
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This guy called back again. Now he is saying that the response they sent to the BBB was becuase I had agreed to pay them in full on 6/25. He said I faxed them an extension form. I told him that I did no such thin and that any extension forms that were sent to them was done by email only. He said that they intended to debit my account and when they came back to them returned they are seeking full payment now. Bunch of bull. I told him that I have every thing right in front of me, and if I did I wanted to know when this was done. He then started to say we if we can not reach an agreement then they would have to send me to collections. I can not believe this. If this goes to collections then who do they send it to? What are my legal rights regarding all of the responses they sent? on 13 June they said balance cleared on next due date. I had already revoked ACH from them. On 6/25 their response to BBB complaint says paid in full. Not my fault they can not get it together. All my emails to them said I had over paid them and that they owed me. I never said I would pay them more on 6/25.

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srjanes srjanes

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Have you reported them to their ACH processor? I????????m trying real hard to find out who it is because I will be writing them. All of a sudden, Geneva came out of the woodwork. It seems I????????m not alone, wouldn????????t it be great if they are going under? I am not going to call them again ???????? writing only. These loans aren????????t even legal in my state!

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bea2ls bea2ls
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