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Hi. I live in Ohio. I have a defaulted payday loan with geneva roth for $300, i have only paid $90 so far. I have heard that they are not licensed in ohio where i live, and according to the payday loan laws of ohio, i should only owe them $345 total for a $300 loan. I closed my bank account that they had access to, so that they could not get any of my money. They hace tried calling me several times and i never call them back becasue i know what they are calling about, they want thier money, and i do not have it right now. Today I got a message from someone at a law firm i think, saying that a formal complaint has been filed against me, so i called to c what it was about, and it was about this loan. The guy that i spoke to said that they just want to help me get the loan paid off, and that right now they are going to begin investigating this for fraud! Whatever that is supposed to mean.So anyway, what should i do from here? They are expecting me to call them back to make payment arrangements with them. However I do not want to give them my current bank account information, that they do not have. So what should i do, because i know they are going to call me back if they don't hear from me today soon?

I think you should take a debt consolidation loan and repay it as soon as possible because it can take the hell out of you. You can also get a Free Counseling from our community's professional counselor.

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I also live in Ohio and Geneva Roth is illegal. They will call you and lie to you about pressing charges, fraud, all of that. It is just their illegal tactics to try and get you to pay by scaring you. I went thru it all with them. Just send them what you can to repay the $300 you borrowed and you will be fine. Please don't fall for their crap like I almost did. You can research them in the search on this site a whole bunch of info on their bs.

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