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multiloan source

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I live in the state of Florida and I had Peachtree Law Center out of Co calling and threatening that I owe this $500 loan to Multiloan source. They even called my mother. I have never even heard from this PDL company that I owe them any money and now this collection agency is calling saying that I owe money. They are not nice and I asked them to send a letter validating the debt and they said I now owe $1200. I have never heard of either of these companies, but have now done research and I found Multiloan source however there is not an address of a phone # to call them to verify this debt. And this Peachtree Law Center has so many complaints with the BBB they seem a little scammy to me! Does anyone know either of these companies? Are either of them legal in Florida? I looked for both licenses to practice in Fl and could find neither one. And the Attorney at Peachtree Law Center is Brad Daybell. I cannot find his license either. There is a Brad Daybell in Co. I called him and he is not the one that works for or owns Peachtree Law Center. Please help with how to proceed with these monsters!
Thanks so much, Smiley


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Sub: #1 first file a police report as the idiot broke the law with the c
Sat, 03/26/2011 - 12:40

first file a police report as the idiot broke the law with the call.then use the name peachtree law,and the number to file AG,AND FTC complaints.then do not speak to them further.btw since a pdl needs a license in FL the loans this bottomfeeder referenced are non-collectable that is how you handle a bunch of humanoids.


Sub: #2 thanks so much, I didn't think either was legal to lend or colle
Sat, 03/26/2011 - 13:37

thanks so much, I didn't think either was legal to lend or collect in the state of Florida! I will file reports and just ignore them when they call!

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