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I'm in collections with Fireside, Admin recovery is the collections agency. how do I approach them about only paying the amount of the loan and no fees? i'm in iowa

You don't! You send the CA a cease and desist letter. Do you know if the loan was sold or assigned to the CA??

Dear Admin Recovery.
I hereby demand you cease and desist any and all contact with me and anyone associated with me. I am revoking any and all ACH right and any and all voluntary wage assignment rights. You are collecting for a tribal lender, unlicensed in my state making this account and paper null and void. If you were assigned this account, close and return it to Fireside. If you bought it, tough luck. You bought garbage paper.

Govern yourself accordingly

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so i don't pay the original loan amount? won't it go on my credit report?

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no illegal lender can report.if they do you just dispute it off.btw admin recovery is a bottomfeeder that bought the debt.send the C&D cretified mail return receipt.btw how much was borrowed and how much was debited?deduct that from the principle.you might not owe that much if anything on this.

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If admin in fact bought the debt, legally you owe them nothing!! They take a chance when they buy from PDL's.....when you buy from illegal PDL's you get nothing! NADA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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