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Well it's official for anyone in NJ that has a loan originated from Western Sky. I filed a complaint two weeks ago with the NJ Dept of Banking and Insurance. An investigator just sent a response that they are working with the NJ AG's office and are filing a complaint in Superior Court. I will be added to the complaint. They want the copy of the agreement from Western Sky asap. I would ask anyone else in NJ please file a complaint. Also note the response states "Although you are responsible for paying the principle loan amount taken, the State will be pursuing restitution of all the fees and the fees and interest collected from all the New Jersey consumers"

Note: it states "PRINCIPAL". I am contacting Delbert tomorrow and fax them the email along with a cease and desist letter. They are cooked. Here is the email response minus my name and the web address is:

"Please note that the Department is coordinating with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office (“AG”) regarding actions to be taken against the above referenced entities. Pursuant to the complaint you filed, our office wishes to add you to the formal legal Complaint to be filed in Superior Court. This will allow the State to try and put a stop to these entities continuing to provide illegal and predatory loans in New Jersey. Although you are responsible for paying the principle loan amount taken, the State will be pursuing restitution of all the fees and interest collected from all the New Jersey consumers. In order to add you as such, the AG’s office requires a copy of the Loan Agreement issued to you by Western Sky Financial.

Therefore, please forward a copy of the Loan Agreement as soon as possible. You can do so via e-mail, fax, or mail as listed below. Please also be sure to contact the undersigned to confirm your receipt of this correspondence and whether or not you can/will be providing a copy of the loan agreement and how/when you plan to send it".

Thank you.


Troy Dayton

Investigator 1

Enforcement Bureau

P: 609-984-2777, Ext. 50230

F: 609-292-5461

Address – Regular Delivery:

NJ Department of Banking & Insurance

Division of Banking – Enforcement Bureau

P.O. Box 040

Trenton, NJ 08625-0040

Attn: Troy Dayton

Thanks for sharing this information with us. I hope this will help all of us.

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Hi Troy,
thank you for helping New Jersey residents who have been victimized by this predatory lender

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I have filed a NJ BBB report also for Western Sky Financial, CashCall, and their latest incarnation, Delbert Services. I am talking with an attorney at a law firm about doing a class action suit. I have provided him with all of my research and will be checking back a on 11/18. I am also in communication with another law firm about the same. I am trying to find a law firm that will be willing to do a class action suit under the premise of either pro-bono or contingency. The first attorney sounded exceptionally hungry. I have set up a separate email address for explicit purposes of predatory loans in NJ. If you have been the victim of this type of garbage regardless of the company please email me. In the subject put "PREDATORY LOAN VICTIM & COMPANY NAME & STATE" (make the state be your state not the state of the company) This way I can hopefully start building a substantial class basis to make the attorney's mouth water even more. In the body put ONLY your first name and do not give a long description. Put only the principle amount, the interest rate, the names of all companies related to your loan - i.e. mine was "taken with Western Sky Financial, loan immediately sold to CashCall and now sold to Delbert Services. Then give a listing of all payments made and how they were made, i.e. in my case direct wire withdrawal from my checking account. Also state whether or not you have closed your account that was tied to the payments. Also BRIEFLY state the current status of your loan and any actions being currently taken by the collection company, i.e. repeat phone calls, garnishments, are you being sued, are they threatening you etc....

If the attorney is interested in doing the case then they will get in contact with you and at that point get the details. How the contact will be made to you is not known or figured out at this point as it is premature as in the attorneys I have reached out to haven't accepted a case yet.

The email address I set up is deleted pm

Good luck to us all and thank you for any input you give.


PS> I am contacting Troy today to get myself included in his pursuit of these dirtbags

sorry no personal,or solicitory info permitted.register and share that via

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