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I am getting calls from Jason Winters of First Capital Recovery about a file that is on his desk attached to my social. He has called twice and quoted the date of the first call which was 04/27. I havent received anything in the mail from this company and dont find anything on the web about this company..Anyone have any info?

Yup... hardly any information is available about this company. There are chances that it may be a collection agency. If it is so, you should ask the person calling you to validate the debt that you owe them. Unless they validate the debt, you shouldn't pay them anything.

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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I agree. Make sure you get some notification about the "debt". I went through one of these scenarios where I returned the guy's call because "they had my file and were ready to move forward" with it. He REFUSED to give me any information on the phone, as to creditor, amount, etc. He also refused to send me anything. So I hung up on him and let all future calls go to my cell voice mail.

Under no circumstances give this person access to a credit card, debit card or your bank account no matter what he says. He might threaten to start litigation, have papers served, etc. It's all a bluff. A legitimate collection agency will send you notification within 5 days or so after phone contact.

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aubrey aubrey
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well I keep getting calls Mr.Bronson. He calls from two differs numbers.An leaves mess telling me that he will come to job an where i leave. An tells me i have be serve on the phone.

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Under the fair debt act (look on FCC website for full name of bill), you cannot be arrested for an unpaid cash advance or loan, etc. You have to be served the papers personally. They cannot serve you over the phone! You can be sued for these debts but you cannot be arrested! I had a similar thing happen to me, the foreign person said that he had officers waiting for his go ahead to come and arrest me over a cash advance if I did not pay. I kept asking him who he was, all he would say is he was a senior lawyer for a law firm. Would not tell me law firm or anything. I demand him tell me what it was about. I proceeded to tell him that I was filing bankruptcy. Tried to tell me I couldn't on cash advances. I had already talked to a lawyer and knew I could, He got very angy with me and hung up. LEt me back up, he called and left voice mail about arrest, so I was tore up over that and did call back. But, when I called back, I got a machine saying that the customer you are try9ing to reach is not available and I was on the phone hearing this, the guy was calling back. I answered and we proceeded with our argument. I believe this to be a disposable cell phone. A lawyer would not have used a disposable cell phone. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! I had to get these godforsaken internet payday loans because I got behind and have no credit. They should be banned!!! Most are scams and a pain in the butt to get rid of! Don't ever give these scam artists access to your bank account! Thank God, I didn't. Just remind them about the fair debt act and you probably won't hear another peep out of them.

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I received a phone call from "David Chase" who said his company's name is Meyer, Kahn, and Associates. He said ny accoount went from one collection agency to the next then ended up at his "firm". He told me I missed court the day before and had a bench warrant issued for my arrest for FTA. I asked him questions about who the debt was owed to and he could not give me specifics including an amount that I owed! After arguing with him for awhile and being threatened with taking matters up with a judge I stupidly gave him my debit card number and authorized him to mtake out a $215 payment! When people hear the words warrant and arrest they panic! I know I did. They're a collection agency. And more than likely I owe somebody something but to this point I just don't know!:confused:

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Yeah, you made a big boo boo but giving them your debit card number and not investigating more about them 1st. More than likely you just got scammed because you kept talking to the guy and he conned you out of your money. At this point all you can do is cancel out your card and bank account that it's attached to and start over with the bank. If not then this moron will probably try to take more money out than $200.

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Hiya Hiya

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You got scammed... cancel your card and file a police report.

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waffles waffles
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Any new development since then? I just had a call from the same guy.

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