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So I think i've made a lot of progress with the PDLs i have...i've gotten written proof from them of amounts I've paid (i guess in extention fees) and they total way beyond the principle owed. So my question is what else should i do to finally settle these. Actually i haven't had any phone contact in almost 2 weeks (which is great but also i'm wondering why).

Well, I guess if they are illegal then you are paid in full as long as the orginal amount of the loan has been covered. I am also assuming that you have sent your C and D letter which covers just about everything they can/and or will do. Just because I wanted closure to my situation, after I hadn't heard from them for a while, I sent an email stating that since I didn't hear anything, I was assuming the debt was PIF. that got me a response and I was able to make my next move from there. I just didn't like being in limbo and I wanted to deal with it head on. Glad to say that I cleared all 5 of my PDLs within 3 months. Others may have additional info/opinions. Hang tight. I am sure you will get some input. Good luck.

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