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Hello I just need an opinion if you suspect this to be a scam. I have 2 payday loans and after numerous payments, I couldn't keep up. Someone recommended me to consolidate my loans. So I was given the name of the company. So I contacted them and signed up. I was told they would contact the lender and have them stop calling me. It has now been over 1 month and they withdrew money from my account and placed it in a escrow account with Global Client Solutions. I still notice that I was still getting calls though I was told they would notify the lenders. I also notice they withdrew less from my account it was not correct. So I called and I told the worker that I am still getting calls. He told me "O maybe the negotiators probably didn't tell them". I'm like what? So I told him about the amount and he sounded confused of how much I was to pay so he transfer me to another department and there I left a message. They never returned my call. So I decided to terminate the agreement due to financial and I realize I could not make any future payments. So I called back yesterday and the man sounded shock. He then told me to think about it, he stated "you know they will sue you. They will have a lawyer on you. What will you do? I did not want to tell him that they are illegal payday lenders and they have no license in the state of California. So then he insisted "Tell me now what are you going to do". I never told him but I did say I will think about it. I felt he was threatening me and I got this feeling that Global has a reputation of withdrawing money out of people accounts. I just closed and open a new one only to do this again. So what are your thoughts on this?

there is no place that can help pay illegal lenders any better than you fact they go by what the lnder says you owe,not what you truly did the right thing in closing that what you can do is go to the sticky in this forum titled DEALING WITH ILLEGAL has every step needed so you can do this already closed your account so that is good,but we can help with the calls as illegals will threaten everything,but do nothing.go to the sticky.also know that since the lenders are illegal and anything debited in fees gets deducted from the principle(which is what you truly owe)the amount you owe might shock do that and keep us posted.

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