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i followed all the steps provided in this site in regards to dealing with PDL'S. the only thing i haven't done was close my account. i just took it upon myself to just change banks... but my question is am i entitled to pay off that negative balance at my previous bank. FYI the negative balance is an attempt from the PDL'S. they have stopped though

Since one of the first steps is to close your account and open a new one not linked in any way to the old one - I would say that you did not in fact follow all the steps.. Did you send letters to your PDL's revoking ACH authorizations and wage assignments and give copies of them to your bank which would have been the following steps, to let them know you were no longer allowing them to debit your account, and put your bank on notice of such action.. or did you just move banks?? If you did not follow all of the steps including the ones listed here - the most important ones, then in that case you would be responsible for the negative balance, not entitled to, entitled to is something you are going to get, not give!!!

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Some banks like Bank of America will "re-open" your account if an ACH comes through.

I would let the old bank know that you revoked your ACH and that those ACH withdraws are not authorized. If you did not send an ACH revocation you may well be on the hook for overdrafts at your old bank. Be prepared to show proof of mailing/faxing and a copy of the ACH revocation.

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