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Hi! I was just notified through the Providence Group which claim to not be a debt collector that Western Sky is suing me for $40,000.

In 2012, I took out a $5,000 loan through Western Sky with an insane 3 figure interest rate (i don't remember the rate off hand). When I stumbled upon this forum in the spring (trying to figure out how I would deal with all these payday loans), I learned that these type of loans are illegal and that I was not obligated to pay anything more than the principal. I made 11 months of payments 10 months of payments totaling $4,860. Before I making the last pay I had already closed my bank account and sent Cash Call (loan was transfered to them) an e-mail notifying them that the loan was illegal and that I would not be paying more than the principal. I also told them I was revoking my ACH and wage assignments that I may have signed. I had intended to send them the remaining $140 through money order. But I never heard back. Not one e-mail. I would get phone calls, but I never answered them.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving, I receive several calls from several reps the Providence Group. Some of them claimed to be attorney or litigators in their legal department. I never returned their calls until they somehow found my collegaues number and starting leaving messages for them. In all of their messages they told me that they were serving me, contact my HR and would submit wage garnishment through the court. I never bothered to respond because I thought if you're going to fine wage garnsihment go ahead and stop threatening me. But they called again this morning on my direct line. After I let it go to voicemail they immediately called my colleagues. So I called back and I was told they are not a collection agency and when I refused to pay the rep said she will go ahead and file the wage garnishment and serve me with a summons today. I did manage to tell her that my employer prohibits such calls to the workplace. Thats when she got made and told me Providence Group is not a collection agency. The funny thing is, I can't find anything on the web that validates them expect other consumers that say they received harassing calls from this collector.

Has anyone else experience. Does anyone have experience with this Providence Group? And I just received another voicemail from them that they have been granted permission to sign me papers at work and will be esorted and will need my supervisor to sign as a witness. What is this???? Help.

providence is a bottomfeeder that you need to report to your AG,AND THE FTC immediately.their repeated calls and calling others is against the law as once they are told not to call your workplace and they contiune it's illegal.btw western sky is tribal,and has been shutdown so how can a tribal piece of crap sue?they can't and won't sue,and providence is a bottomfeeder.btw what state are you in?i ask because WS/CC/DELBERT are being sued themselves in dozens of states so if your state is taking action then you report both the lender,and providence.also a few states are non-garnishment meaning even if they sue and win(which will never happen)they can't garnish because garnishment is not find out if your state is one that is taking action against ws/cc/delbert.then report and ignore providence as they are a complete bottomfeeder.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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They are notorious bottom feeders. Cash Call is going down and are trying anything the can to scare people into paying these illegal loans. If they were suing you, they wouldn't call to warn you doesn't work that way. See this link http://800notes.c om/Phone.aspx/1-855-294-3547/3. What are you in?

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momofthree27 momofthree27

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I'm in the District of Columbia (DC). From what I researched this is illegal in DC (the loan that is)

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click the 800notes is interesting.btw nobody can garnish then file a need to file an FTC complaint against both this lender,and providence.then do not talk to them again.a waste of your time.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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