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closed my account.. now what

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I have previously posted as a guest on here... I'm afraid that the PDL companies scan this forum, lol. I closed my account this week and am wondering what to do next. I set up EPPs with my storefront loans but have done nothing so far with the onlines, 10 of them. The threatening calls are starting to come in. The problem is that I have at least four of them ($300) loans that I have been paying $90 interest payments on every two weeks since January and February. I dont even know how to contact these ones because there is only a name; EME Marketing, SJM Marketing, Summit Group, Loanshop/Overlan. I wouldnt even know where to begin with these. I do know that there is at least one that is legal in my state, AZ. that is recent. Please help!! What is my next step?

Even if they scan these forums there would be no way for them to figure out who you are so you are safe there.

First thing you need to do is figure out if IPDLs are legal in your state and figure out what the legal amount is they can loan and what the legal interest rate is. In my state IPDLs are illegal so one would not be bound by law to pay them anything.

Next step is to list each IPDL out in coulmn form. You will need to list Date, Amount Borrowed, Amount Paid. If you post this online then other members can help you figure out if you owe them still or if you overpaid. I suspect you overpaid most of them since this has been going on since January.

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I would suspect that if you have now closed your bank account, the PDLs that you don't have contact information on will probably be contacting you as soon as their debits don't clear.

Did you read this information before closing your bank account? ount.html

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