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For anyone with a Cashcall/Delbert Loan

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Just an FYI for those who may not know: If you now sign in to Delbert's website, you are presented with this:

Delbert Services is currently working on updating all records on file. We would appreciate if you read and, if you agree, electronically sign the agreement below:
By signing below, XXXXXXXXXXXX, hereby authorizes and requests Delbert Services Corporation or any subsequent holder or servicer of my loan ("the Holder") to initiate an automated clearinghouse or other electronic funds transfer ("EFT") from the bank account identified below (the "Bank Account") to make each payment required hereunder on the day it is due. I also authorize the Holder to initiate an EFT to or from the Bank Account to correct any erroneous payment and, in the event any EFT is unsuccessful, to attempt such payment up to two additional times. I understand that unsuccessful EFTs may result in charges by my bank, and agree that Holder is not liable for such charges. Holder will notify me 10 days prior to any given transfer if the amount to be transferred varies by more than $50 from my regular payment amount. I also authorize Holder to withdraw funds from my account on additional days throughout the month in the event I am delinquent on my loan payments. This request and authorization for Holder to initiate EFTs is entirely voluntary, and I understand I may terminate this authorization by notifying Holder in writing via fax (888-775-6067) or email ( soon enough to allow Holder a reasonable opportunity to act on the termination (generally at least three business days in advance).

By signing this agreement, I also authorize Holder to obtain payments from my Bank Account by creating and processing paper checks (a "Check") in place of initiating any or all of the EFTs described above. Each Check will be in the amount of the payment that would have been initiated as an EFT, and each Check will be deposited for processing on or after the same day that the payment would have been initiated as an EFT. Holder will type your name in the signature line of each Check, and I agree that my typed name constitutes my authorized signature. I also acknowledge that an electronic image of each Check may be created and processed as a substitute check pursuant to the Check 21 Act. I understand that if I terminate my EFT authorization as described above, this authorization to create Checks will also terminate.

I got bored, so read through this. Not only did it raise major (and I mean MAJOR) red flags, but at least I got a good laugh as I closed the page. :p

Why in hell would I give them (and anyone else after that point) rights to EFT my account, let alone give them permission to withdraw whenever they want? They're also wanting to get your permission to create and process paper checks?? Sheesh. Run away... very quickly.

They don't have my new bank info, and I'm sure as hell not going to give them anything.

they send that as cashcall did before.they want you to switch your loan to you stated run away,or better yet if you have filed complaints forward that as part of it.pathetic on their part.evryone connected to this is gonna burn one sweet day i guarantee it.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Yep - since the sky is falling for WS and Cash Call, they are trying to outrun the lawsuits and enforcement authorities yet again to skirt the laws by trying to get people to agree to this. These WS loans are illegal, they know it but they are so greedy that will do whatever it takes to still try to collect on them.....thanks for sharing and yes this as your opportunity to run far far away from them. I would also send them a revocation of any ACH or wage assignment you may have signed and address to all three of them since they will do anything to try to collect on these illegal loans.

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momofthree27 momofthree27

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I was curious - so logged in same thing there for all of us.. The account the are showing is my old closed down account..

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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