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Good afternoon,

I to got a loan from mobileloans and Great Plains. I had no idea they both charged such high interest rates. I got a $1000 loan from both and just noticed I'm paying nearly $3500 on both for the next year. They also take money out of my account every 2 weeks and with me getting laid off, I got behind. Mobileloans was more willing in giving me time to pay but Great Plains started calling everyday and would not leave a voicemail. I finally answered one day and the guy I talked to was real nervous. The guy I talked to before that didn't have any idea what he was doing. I found this odd and did some looking online and came across all the comments about both. I live in NC and according to this they are illegal. I read the page about how to deal with them and copied some of the letter from the email stating they are not legal in my state and my contract is void, but I was willing to pay back the principal, which is about $500 left to pay on both. I also said do not take any money from back account or it would be blocked. This was Tuesday and I have not heard back from both. I told both to email me. I had a payment on both that was due today but nothing was taken out. Should I be expecting them to contact me back or is everything ok and they won't do anything?

Thank you


Did you not read the loan costs and terms tab on Great Plains site?? It is pretty clear what they charge.

Have you followed all the instructions in the thread on how to deal with illegal lenders?? Like closing down your bank account after ACH revocation? Giving a copy of the revocation to your bank and doing a voluntary wage assignment revocation as well? The thread is written by people with experience need to follow all of the steps.

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I previously had loans with Mobiloans and Plain Green. Once I got hip to the fact payday loans are illegal in PA where I live. I revoked ACH authorization and I sent letters following the format provided bySoap lady. I settled with both pretty quickly for principal minus interest/fees/charges. In fact, I asked for a refund from Plain Green (I actually overpaid them). They closed my account as requested, but never got a refund. I'm dealing with my last lender, who are the worst! Decided they won't get one more dime from me and I have filed complaints with Pa Banking Dept and Attorney General. Since they are an off-shore entity (Costa Rica), I know they can't arrest me or sue me. If they did try to sue me in PA, I would have a counter-claim for all the exorbitant interest/fees I've paid them. Hang in there. Shelley/Pittsburgh, PA

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No I did not. I had a finally emergency and was stressing out. When I applied for the loan, it got approved right away and at the time I did not know how loans worked and the cost. With my work schedule..I will not be able to go to the bank till Monday. When I saw these comments, I had to email them right Away because I had payments going out yesterday and I wanted them to know I knew they was illegal and not to take money out of my account

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