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Delbert reporting to credit now. Help

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Momofthree27 please help me. I just got reported by Delbert today too. I am in Texas. They have been calling and sending mails and emails constantly, but i have ignored them completely. I have never signed anything with Delbert. The only trade line on my credit was in good standing but closed from cash call. Now Delbert puts the 30 day past due out of nowhere. I pulled out a $2600 loan through Western Sky back in the middle of June 2013' immediately transferred to cash call and now delbert. I have paid about $800 and was never late until I got wind of all of this scam and stopped payment back in September. They haven't taken any money out of my account. I have not done anything in regards to filing or paperwork etc. Was considering just to pay the thing off in request for them to delete the 30 day credit mark. I am in the process of getting a home and this is killing me. They say may balance is $2595. Please advise me of what exactly to do at this point. I am in Texas like you. Should I plead with them and pay to delete as it may be the most expedited course of action? Please help. Thanks. I tried registering with the forum but it always is trouble logging in.

Is it reporting as a collection account or as a creditor account? Here is a letter to send to the CRAs to dispute the item:

Dear Madam/Sir:

This letter is to serve as a formal dispute regarding a purported debt being reported by information furnisher Cash Call, Inc. (Cash Call Account No. **insert here**) from June 2013 through **add date it was last reported by CC on here** and more currently Delbert Services Corp. (a subsidiary of Cash Call, Inc. (Delbert Account No. **insert account number from your credit report here**) from **insert date of reporting from credit report here** to present.

The trade line in question is regarding an unlawful, criminal and void internet “payday loan” which is of no legal force or effect and of which I was the victim that is being reported by information furnisher Cash Call, Inc. and their subsidiary Delbert Services Corporation.

As additional background, neither Cash Call, Inc. nor Delbert Services Corp. is licensed in the State of Texas where I reside to issue payday or installment loans. Further, the loan was originated through Western Sky Financial, LLC (located in South Dakota) in ** insert date of loan here**. The loan was supposedly funded by Western Sky Financial, LLC and was immediately transferred to Cash Call, Inc., and now it's subsidiary Delbert Services Corp. Western Sky Financial, LLC is also not a licensed lender in the State of Texas or in any state in the United States.

These Western Sky/Cash Call loans have been found unlawful and unenforceable by numerous states. Additionally, the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has filed lawsuits against these entities for deceptive and unlawful practices and the collection of these illegal loans. In fact, Western Sky Financial, LLC, in September announced that it was shutting down its lending operations due to the amount of federal and state enforcement actions and lawsuits against them regarding these illegal loans. Further, Cash Call, Inc. and Delbert Services Corp. are notorious for illegal, fraudulent and deceptive practices and has been banned from providing mortgage loans and/or consumer loans in multiple states and by federal agencies. This new “rent a tribe” scheme is very similar to their previous “rent a bank” scheme that was shut down by the FDIC.

Cash Call, Inc. and its subsidiary Delbert Services Corp are knowingly and blatantly reporting this illegal trade line on my credit report with **Experian and/or Equifax** and I request that this trade line be deleted in its entirety and that information furnisher Cash Call, Inc. and its subsidiary Delbert Services Corp. be held to a higher standard by **Experian and/or Equifax** when consumers dispute these illegal accounts. What they are doing is illegal and nothing short of blackmail and extortion.

I am attaching here a copy of the lawsuit that I am a class member off as well as examples of the numerous state and federal enforcement actions brought against these fraudulent companies regarding these illegal loans. I can be reached at **insert your phone number and email address that they can contact you at here**.


You need to change up the letter to include your information and make sure to do your research and print out copies of as many court orders against them (especially the FTC and CFPB rulings) -- make the package as thick as you can because Experian will forward everything to them for verification (I know this first hand), it is my understanding that Experian and Equifax have been doing an internal investigation on CC and may have revoked CC's ability to report these consumer loans which may be why Delbert is all of the sudden taking over the reporting of them. It's all a shell game made up as they go along for them. Also, you are automatically a class member https://www.baillon so make sure you include a copy of this litigation. Send everything priority mail and stay on top of it. Call to confirm it was received and call every week to verify it is still being investigated. You have to be persistent.

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momofthree27 momofthree27

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I just reread your post and want to reiterate that the above letter is geared more for someone who has double or triple paid the principle. Being that you just took out the loan in June of this year, you still need to pay back the principal. Your best bet may be to try to negotiate a pay for delete.

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momofthree27 momofthree27

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Momofthree27 I do agree with you from an ethical/moral standpoint in regards to paying back the principal. I have every intention of making good on this loan, but we are dealing with crooks! I greatly appreciate all of your info and expertise in helping me btw. What do you propose I negotiate? How would you go about this having not ever spoken to Delbert or signed anything? What do I say if cakling, etc. Perhaps in your expertise of dealing with them you could advise me of exacrly what to do or say? Thanks a lot. I am a morally responsible person, but don't want to get taken or screwed over by them anymore if I did pay the loan off. I hate ti give these crooks any more than what is RIGHTFULLY owed!

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mom of three has dealt with trust her.

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The only advise I can give you is to put together what you believe is a fair offer for a pay for delete and back it up with the fact that these loans are illegal. Tell them what you are willing to pay in exchange for the removal from your credit report in its entirety. If they refuse your offer, then you have your answer and you can put them on the back burner. As far as your credit report goes, you need to start disputing with the CRAs and be persistent. Send in every shred of evidence you can get your hands on pointing to the illegality of these loans and keep on sending it. I have confirmed that the CRAs are starting to take notice of these reportings and there have been instances where people have gotten them removed. You will have to be persistent and it will probably take more than a few disputes before you get took me almost a year and a half.

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momofthree27 momofthree27

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Go straight to the CFPB with all of your information. File a formal complaint. CFPB has teeth! Big sharp ones.

CFPB website:

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