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I am in need of help. I live in Delaware. All loans are internet based. I believe Centurion is illegal b/c they rolled the loan over more than 4 times and I believe Payday Services is illegal because of the original loan amount.

Company/original loan/paid to date

ACC 8664439968 FUNDING 090527/ $400.00 / $0
Ameriloan / $350.00 / $315.00
Centurion Fund / $500.00 / $750.00
GECC / $500.00 / $220.00
Integrity / $400.00 /$0
Payday Services / $750.00 / $375.00
Together / $400.00 / $0
1800899CASH / $686.85 / $786.29 (I reupped 2 times)

I have no problem working out arrangements for the legal debt - but unfortunately I got caught up in the PDL cycle and it was just impossible to even attempt to pay! I have opened a new checking account and my pay check is now going into that account.

I am appreciative of any help anyone can provide.

FYI - on another note, I did call a couple of PDL debt consolidation places but because I live in Delaware, they couldn't help me. Any idea why?


Delaware requires debt consolidation companies to post a pretty hefty security bond to offer services in the state. Because the state has a small population, a lot of companies decide it isn't worth the expense.

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That is really interesting. Thanks!

Oh, well, I had already decided that it would probably be a better idea to handle these myself...with help from this board! So no biggie :-)

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jetskinsde jetskinsde

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Definitely better off. Why pay for something you can easily do yourself?

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Has anyone dealt with these companies? Any words of wisdom?

I am going to send letters to the 2 I believe are illegal but for the other 6, any ideas?

Still can't believe I got into this mess - but I have learned my lesson and will get thru this!

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jetskinsde jetskinsde

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I called them and arranged a payment plan, they stopped the interest too.
Hope this helps!

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I had GECC they're legal. Thru email I was able to set up an EPP (they're members in the CFSA). 4 equal bi-weekly payments. Unfortunatly I was'nt able to keep up with them so its in collections now. Although you do need to request the EPP before you default.

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resqume1 resqume1

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I have 5 PDL's in Delaware, and the rollover fees for the month of Sept. will be 1200.00. I just can't afford this comming month where can I get help, or stop them from depositing those checks.

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rgolden18 rgolden18

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