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Hello everyone!!!!

My name is Martha and I live in Las Vegas, NV.
I got an online loan from CNUSA.

I have a question regarding an issue... that I am not sure if it is a legal practice. I borrowed 450 dollars from CNUSA, I had the opportunity of extending that loan twice by paying 112.50.

The first time, I did it...paid 112.50.

The second time... I missed the extension payment of 112.50 and 3 days later I received a collection call driving me to enter into a repayment plan for the missed extension payment of 112.50 which I did.

Then, I defaulted on the third payment which was the principal + the interest, and now collection called me again asking me to enter into another repayment plan to pay the initial owed amount which is 562.50.

Something I didn't mention is that when they could not withdraw the 112.50 from my account on the second extension, they tried again by splitting the amount into two 56.25 and 56.25 and I had to pay my bank 3 NSF (105.00 for the extension of 112.50, plus an NSF for the 562.50) 4 NSF in total for the entire loan. So I ended up paying 787.50 for the loan plus 105.00 to my bank for a total of 892.50 for a 450.00 borrowed.

Please let me know how to solve this situation if there is a way. THANKS

Cash Net USA is a licensed lender. You owe them both the principal and interest. Contact with the collection agency and try to set up a payment arrangement with them. Otherwise they can file a lawsuit against you because of nonpayment of your debt.

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Unfortunately, you're going to have to work with collections as Cash Net USA is legal in your state. You could definitely try calling up the bank and trying to explain your situation and they MAY reverse one or two of the fees. Otherwise, it is what it is.
Have a good holida

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