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Last September I took out two $300 pdl from both USFast ash and 500 Fast Cash. Every two weeks, they deducted $90 from my account for about three pay periods. One day, 500 Fast Cash withdrew their usual $90, then returned it to my account, then took it out again plus a $30.00 NSF fee. I tried contacting them because my checking account had more than enough money to cover it, but got nowhere. I then closed my account and opened a new one with my bank without telling either 500 Fasct cash or USFC. Then, USFC called me to collect the money. I told them they violated the contract by taking out the additional $30 and that I should not be required to pay them another cent. This happened to me before with GWV Financial, and they agreed to waive my entire balance without any hassles at all, so I assumed USFC would do the same. I beleive that both USFC and 500 Fast Cash are the same company, so I refuse to pay either back. They stopped calling for a while and started sending me "final collections" emails. Today, they called me again stating I needed to return their call by 5:00 today. I live in MA, which according to your previus posts, pdl's are illegal here. What can I do to get these people to stop calling me? I don't think I should be responsible for any debt since they clearly violated the contract. I have also started getting calls from States Predisposition, telling me I need to pay $330 or risk being subpeoned at my place of work. I read about them online, and they are a total scam. Does anyone know if this company is also associated with USFC and 500Fast Cash? any help would be appreciated.

northshore, both are d/b/a's of MTE. MTE is illegal as hell and will bother the heck out of you. State Predisposition is their "collection agency" I am not sure if they are considered third party but I would send them a request for debt validation letter. That is what I did with them and it quieted them down. If you need a letter, please refer to this thread

be sure to send it certified return receipt. I also faxed mine so they got it quicker.

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RoxyNY RoxyNY
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northshore, EMPTY THREATS! Please believe us. Neither one of these pdls is even licensed to lend in the entire United States, not just your state. They are unlicensed/illegal. Period. Their contract is crap. They will do anything to get your money. Illegal, illegal, illegal. Thank God you closed your account and they can no longer debit. Those jokers will threaten you to no end and it's empty, empty threats. Scare tactics to get money. Do not take their calls. Please file complaints against them with the BBB, the FTC, and your state AG.

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cannr cannr

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thank! I asked for a letter stating my balance. They told me they don't mail anything out or email anything - just fax. I asked, "Who the hell has a fax machine?" The woman insisted it was the only way they could communicate with me and then I told her I needed something in the mail. She ended up hanging up on me.

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They won't mail anything because the postmark would reveal the truth. They claim to be working from an Indian reservation in Oklahoma, but the company is in Kansas.

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FreakyFriday FreakyFriday

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they are all the same company they due buss. in kansas and they are a scam i used to work there and if you owe them money find a address in georgia that you can use as a forward add. and they have to close your acc. and stop using these scams as a income its better to go without the money.

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This company is trying to get 350 USD out of me when i only requested 200 USD, what should i do?

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I guess they have added late fees and charges to the principal amount. As a result, the amount has increased. If the payday lender is legal in your state, then you'll have to pay off the late fees and charges along with the principal amount.

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well since neither USFASTCASH,OR 500FAST CASH is legal #7 only owes the 200.00 and if anything was debited prior to default they deduct that.btw since they are illegal they aren't entitled to interest,or fees like late or missed payments.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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