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I took a payday loan out in April through this company. I have been paying $90 every two weeks since then. On August 12th I called them and told them I wanted to pay the loan in full on 08/15/13. They did not debit my account on that day and then I received an email from them that said:

"At this time the Lender is experiencing system issues, would you like to pay your loan with a credit card or debit card? If so, please call 816-595-1878 and I can take your information over the phone."

I tried calling their Customer Service number (888) 302-5351 and the recording says they are having "phone issues" and you can contact them via fax or email only. As of 08/30/13 the phones are still not working.

Is anyone aware of their issue? The person at (816) 595-1878 said they were having ACH issues and were opening a new bank account.

I had the EXACT sames issue with Westgate Group. But when I called them, they said that my debt had been cancelled because they found they could not debit my account and it had been closed and I did not owe them anything.

Are these two companies owned by the same people? I find it VERY strange that a legitimate company cannot process a ACH if that is their business. Can anyone shed any light on what's going on with HYDRA FUND III?

Hydrafund is an illegal offshore lender. You owe principal interest or fees. Follow the link in my signature line for full information on how to deal with them.

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a bunch of illegal lenders have been cutoff by the ach source themselves.hydra is one of them.westgate is too.rejoice and don'y give them another thought for now.

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