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cutter group served me paper gave me a number too call

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today someone came too my job claiming too be the police saying they were serving me with papers about a loan from the cutter group cwb and some other loan company i had took out back in may of 2012 for 250 ,they say i had closed my bank account the same day i got the loan which completley false...they say i committed fraud and i had too pay them back 700 (idk why) or i would have too go too court and i never got a call from them or a email nor anything in the mail about the loan ummmm i had called their company representing them called "National" a guy name kevin told me that they could put on a plan too pay them back weekly bi weekly or monthly,i gave them my ss and card number (bad mistake now since i been reading and researching) now my the cutter group a scam? do i need an lawyer? do i need too get another card too prevent them from getting the money?is "national" a real company? and what are the steps i need too take

I was scared so i gave them my debit card number idk if i shouldnt not done that or if i need too get a new one

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cutter group is an illegal piece of pdl garbage.this bottomfeeding pile of crap broke the law as two things.

1)nobody calls ahead to serve you

2)debts are civil at best,and inplying the police wete involoved broke the law

cancel that debit card and get a new one.also report national to your local police who will confirm their scamming bottomfeeder status.then ignore/hang up on this national when they call again as they will call once they can't get their ill gotten money.bottomline a scam.cancel that card and get a new and ignore from now on.

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