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MyCashNow/Credit Protection Depot no more?

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I was scheduled to make my final principal only payment to Credit Protection Depot for MyCashNow on 12/2. Because I was out of town I called on 12/2 to tell them I wouldn't easily be able to make the payment until today.

They didn't answer Credit Protection Depot like usual, it was some other name like Sun River Associates or something like that. I verified that this was indeed the right place to call and they said it was and verified that this was my final payment.

Today, I made my normal (and final!) Moneygram payment. When I called to give them the reference number I got a recording that said: (paraphrased)
"Thank you for calling about your account. At this time the company has decided to close all accounts. No further action is required on your part. Once again management has decided to close all accounts. No further action is required. Thanbk you for your business"

Seems like maybe another one has bit the dust here? What I don't know is if they will claim my final $138 payment or whether I'll be able to get it back from Moneygram. Time will tell.

This was my final payment on my last illegal loan.. YAY!

My Cash Now is an illegal lender all over the state of US. So you owe nothing more than principal to Credit Protection Depot. Don’t pay them any interest or fees. Simply close down your old bank account and open a new one to stop debiting money from your account. Don’t worry mate….they can’t do anything.

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Sorry if my original post wasn't clear. As I said, I was making my final principal only payment to Credit Protection Depot.

I had several payday loans to illegal lenders that I dealt with successfully according to the instructions we give here. This was the one i still owed any principal on.

I was just pointing out that based on the recording I got when I called to provide my Moneygram payment info that Credit Protection Depot appears to have shut down.

Sorry if I wasn't clear about that.

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I just called them too and it says all accounts are closed. They claimed I still owed principal because they wouldn't apply past overpayment. So I just called and heard the same recording. I would contact Moneygram and try and get your money back. The recording states a all accounts are closed so I'd at least try!

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not only were their ACH rights looks like with actions pending they went yes OP get your money back as if the account is closed the payment will be in limbo at the first responder.that was a waste of time and space.maybe you should try reading the post thoroughly before posting the generic BS sheesh.

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