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this guy has called me at 30 times today and keep telling me that cops are going to come arrest ma at my job for this payday loan I don't know what to do

No one will come arrest you at your job. Have you received any correspondence from whom ever is calling you? If you have, send him a cease and desist letter, certified mail with a return signature card this will stop the phone calls. Once this person or company signs for this letter he/they can only call you once more and inform you of their intentions. they must follow up on their intentions, if not, they are liable to small claims lawsuit from you.

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pemperandgartle pemperandgartle

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The cease and desist letter only applies to 3rd party collectors, the original creditor can call you, but the number of times must be within reason or it's considered harassment. You can always try sending the OC a C&D letter anyway, it won't hurt to try, but they don't have to comply with it. Is this a collection agency calling you or the payday loan company? What state are you in and what is the name of this pdl?

By the way, this topic will be moved to the payday loan section. :)

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Sounds like a scam to me. Do you have any outstanding PDLs :?:

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Cool_Abyss Cool_Abyss
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What is the name of the PDL because it sounds like something I went through in April 08. Would it by chance the Rightaway Financial Group? If so, this guy is going to make you miserable. He is operating illegally and the state of Colorado is investigating him.

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