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Who are the illegal payday loan lenders in SC and how to handle them?

Payday loans are popular amongst the masses in various names. People refer to them as check advance loans, deferred deposit loans, cash advance loans, and post-dated check loans. No matter how you refer to payday loans, it is best to stay away from them as much as possible. These short-term loans come at a very high interest. For instance, in the state of South Carolina, the annual percentage rate for a $100 loan can be as much as 390%.

There's yet another reason why it is better to avoid striking out a deal with the payday loan lenders. Some lenders don't have any license to operate in your state. They would use all the strategies to reap profits and ruin your financial life.

Regardless of the legal status of a company, lenders would always try to make as much money as possible from the borrowers. For instance, Payday One deposited $17575 into the account of a forum member in June 2, 2010. The company debited nearly $22855.21 from the member's account later. This lead to an overpayment of about $5280.21.

Illegal payday loan lenders are even more venomous. They have no qualms in breaking laws and making fake threats to borrowers. This is why it is strongly recommended to check if the payday loan lender has license to do business in your state.

Some of the illegal payday loan lenders in the state of South Carolina are Plain Green, Magnum Cash Advance, EZ Payday, Payday One (now known as Rise) and North cash. If you've taken out a payday loan from these 5 companies, then your responsibility is to only pay the principal amount. It is not required to pay fees or interest rates.

For more information on how to deal with the illegal payday loan companies in South Carolina, click here.

Are the following companies legit in South Carolin...
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Are the following companies legit in South Carolina?

Plain Green
Magnum Cash Advance
EZ Payday
Payday One now called RISE

Thanks for any information.

None of these lenders are legal. Follow the link in my signature line for information on how to deal with them. You know principal fees and no interest.

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If you have had a long relationship with one of the illegal companies, can you go back to the beginning and add up what they given you and what you paid back and ask for the difference?

An example is Payday One/RISE, I started with they on June 2nd 2010, I received deposits in the total amount of $17575. They have withdrawn my account $22855.21. This results in an overpayment of $5280.21. I have a current loan of $1500 and have paid $560 toward this one. Should I not finish paying they off and ask for the $5280.21 that was over paid since 2010? I have a record of each transaction from my bank account and from their website.

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Thank you very much for the information.

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yes you should do as stated above - what borrowed minus what paid to date and be done.. they will argue..Seeing what borrowed and what paid to date on that had to be a little painful, glad you know now and can end that cycle.. I doubt you will get a refund.. but I would not pay them another dime..

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