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I was contacted on Monday, August 26, 2013 by someone claiming to be from a private firm by the name of Kern & Brownstone from Los Angeles, California. They wouldn't give me a physical address saying they don't give out the physical address but they had a PO box. These people threatened me saying an arrest warrant would be issued within the next 24 hours to BSO (Broward Sheriff's Office) because I had a debt with CashNetUSA and I had committed bank fraud or something to that effect. Being frightened of being arrested and being in a panic, I have already sent these people some of the restitution amount they supposedly would take. I paid $1,000 with my bank card and the resitution amount is $1,362.74. Now after I calmed down a bit and got my head, I called CashNetUSA about two days later and they said I never had a loan with them. I did apply for a loan with them but I ended up being denied which is why I'm guessing I panicked because that name did sound familiar. I tired calling the name that showed up on my bank statement which said "Fair Credit International" but all I get is some voice mail. I have already closed that card and also my checking account and have also disputed the charge with my bank. Kern & Brownstone states that CashNetUSA sent numerous letters to my house about my debt which I vehemently deny because I never got any collection letters from them on a loan that never existed! I previously made an arrangement to pay the rest of the money today (09/06/2013) and Kern & Brownstone has already called and left a voice mail saying that my card was declined for the rest of the money (obviously because that card doesn't exist anymore). It kind of baffles me that they wanted the money at once and were going to send cops to my house within 24 hours if I didn't pay them the money but all of a sudden, they were willing to wait for the rest of the money??? I do not want to pay these people anymore money especially if it is on a loan that I never had and also because I don't think you can go to jail for owing debt (which I did not know before). But I also do not want to go to jail. What should I do?!? I did ask for some kind of proof about owing this loan and below is the e-mail they sent me ( I have deleted my personal info):


Re: Case 372764

It has come to our attention that your account with CashnetUSA , Inc.(“client”) is in default. As you will recall, you entered into a law abiding contract (“agreement”) with CashnetUSA , Inc.(“client”) and gave check #0 (“check”). Our records indicate that the check left for collateral was proven worthless and all collection attempts have failed.

Pursuant to the terms of the agreement, at this time your case is being transferred from Oasis Financial Inc. to Kern & Brownstone to be processed and filed with Broward county (“current county”). Under statue 15 USC 78u-3 there is now a cease and desist in place between (“defendant”) and CashnetUSA , Inc. (“plaintiff”). If you have any questions regarding your charges prior to submission, please contact Kern & Brownstone fraud department at 213-375-3961 and reference case # 372764.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter

Oasis Financial Inc.

You actually paid these people without proof of a debt???It is a total scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send these assholes a cease and desist letter. And dispute the charges on your credit/debit card as being fraudulent/unauthorized. Tell them you have no idea how they got your number and cancel the card!!!!

Dear Kern & Brownstone
I hereby demand you cease and desist any and all contact with me and anyone associated with me by any means. You have violated the FDCPA in more ways than I can count. I will be forwarding your correspondence and information with my state AG office and the FTC.

Govern yourself accordinlgy

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People DO NOT GO TO JAIL in the United States for debt.

Call you bank and dispute the charge. Tell them you have been a victim of fraud and did not authorize the charge.

I am not sure the original creditor can place the account for collections and then claim a cease and desist - they have to verify the debt for example.

If anyone calls claiming they have a warrant for your arrest tell them to meet you at the Sheriff's Office to serve it. If they tell you they are going to serve you papers tell them the same thing.

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Yes I did dispute the charge with my credit union as fraud and did get my money back and also canceled that card and opened another account just in case. I reported them to everyone possible. Turns out they also call from other numbers with the same story after I did a google search on their name. Funny thing is they tried to take out the remaining amount on the date that I had previously set up with them (before knowing it was a scam) but of course the card was declined and reported as stolen. And they actually had the nerve to call me and leave me a voice mail saying my card was declined and to call them back. Of course I never called back and haven't heard from them since...

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