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I live in wisconsin and took a internet pdl from american web loan for 600 dollars. A couple day ago I recieve a phone call from someone wanting to come to my home to serve my papers for criminal charges and told me to call a 18668252386 and a claim number.

So naturally scared out of my wits I called the number and some lady stated that they are a collection firm seeking payment of 1900 dollars. I told her I had nothing formal paper sent out to me before being served and I would like to seen way om writing the loan went from 600 to 1900. She began to tell me to borrow from someone and I told her no. she told me that they will seeking out criminal charges then. So I get to work later that day and my manager sent me an email with them calling stating that they were filing charges against me. I called them back and told them not to call my employer because this is harassment and they stating that it is legal. I also asked for a fax number and a address to send out ceritfied letter to disputed the claims since the took 130 from my account then other 128 forcing my to close my account with my bank to show that i did not commit fraud. The lady from the nationwide stated they do noth given out their address or fax number and I will be serve. what can i do now?

first you have a supervisor.or boss tell this bottomfeeding piece of dirt to not call again.a verbal C&D when it comes to calling your job is legal,and once that is said they break the law everytime they nationwide is a bottomfeeding pile of garbage,and mycashnow is in CANADA and illegal you need to file an FTC complaint against both this lender and nationwide.check your AG'S website as some let you file online,but might require more info.then file a complaint with them.just know that nationwide needs to resort to scare tactics as they won't do a thing they threaten.think about can they not give their address,but serve you?makes no and ignore.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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did they ever come? i am getting same calls

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No - no one will ever come. This is a scam. Do not pay these people and stay off the phone.

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waffles waffles
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