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collection call, serve papers at job?

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In 2012 I took out a loan with American Web Loan and was only able to pay part if it back, I closed my account and sent them notice I will pay them back on my terms. I followed the instructions from this site. I never heard back from them. Today my boss received a call from Accurate trying to track me down by one of their trackers to serve me papers unless I call them back at (877) 679-9204. I am in Illinois, should I contact them to work out a payment plan? I am worried about getting served or called here at my place of employment. Thanks for all your help

they are a complete botomfeeder.seems that is all tribal lenders will sell the debt to.btw what county in il again?i know that in general process servers never call i adavance.also the threat to serve at your work is just that a them first to the police.then ms lisa madigan(the illinos attorney general).i guarantee nothing this turd said will happen,or he can do.btw they already called your work so inform your boss this is a scam,and to hang up on them.last thing no you don't pay them a dime as the amount they will claim will be a ridiculous amount.

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Thanks I am in Cook County. I have already explained to my boss the problem, I just didnt want it to spin out of control.

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i am in cook as well,and you must be served in person by the county sheriff's by stating they would serve you at work,or anyplace they broke the hanging up on this turdpile when he calls he will get the message loud and even talking to them a little that is what gets you more calls.their deluded minds think they will eventually get money out of you.hanging up with as few words as possible is how you treat trash like this.

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They have begun to call others, my parents and sister got a call today. should i do anything or just continue to hang up on the calls.

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have anybody called file police reports as they were illegaly keep doing what you're doing.

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