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I am so sick to my stomach...I have been digging and digging to get when I opened up some of these loans and to find info on them so I can email them and such,. I can't find anything on CMG group for an email. I did find the original contract and it also has OSL Marketing INc on it...and I found out I took it out in 11/07 and pf $1800 on a $300 loan. I'm sick! Can anyone help me with an email for them??? Something? Please :?

The number I have for CMG is 866-516-9300. Address for that phone number is 10108 Summer Oak Ln#103 Las Vegas, NV 89134.

Found this in another post.

What state are you in? What is the intrest/processing fee paid each payday?

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no email for them though??? I am in Ohio and I have been paying $90 every 2 weeks

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