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If they say they have a 'claim' against you..

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Just giving some people who don't know about this scam some insight. A few weeks ago I received a call from some woman saying they had a 'claim' in their office against me and needed to serve my some 'legal' papers or just to call the 'firm' back. Since it was an unavailable number, I didn't answer it and just listened to the voicemail. So I called the number back and some guy says that the 'claim' was from the infamous WS/CC account that I 'defaulted' on last year (I have well overpaid that account). So without telling him anything he wanted to know, he says I need to make payment arrangements with him or the 'claim server' in my area would serve me court papers and then at that point they couldn't help me. He then transferred me to some other person, a younger woman this time. She said she could contact the 'locator service' and have the file 'frozen' for two hours while I made a settlement arrangement and send in a 'goodwill' payment. I ended the call and shortly thereafter received another call from the first 'claim server' woman who stated that she was driving around the town I work in and that she needed to find my exact location (Left this on voicemail again). So I obviously let the deadline go by which at this time, I was now home. I then received 4-5 calls from the young girl saying that since I missed the time frame I agreed to, that the 'locator' was just going to serve me papers. About a half hour goes by an another 'unavailable' call comes on my cell phone s I answer it this time. It is the 'claim server' woman who now states she is in my town and wanted to know if I was 'home' or where was I so she could give me the papers she has. She then says my address and asks if that where I am. I tell her 'no but that she can meet me at this address (local police station!). She says to me 'what, are you trying to be funny, what is that - city hall'. (Now anyone from my area as she claimed earlier to be from/in knows we don't call it that and it goes by something else in my area) I tell her no its not. She then goes on with 'well what is it, where are you sending me?' I tell her it is the local police station and I would be there waiting in my red pickup truck.(which is not what I drive - these companies will attempt to learn that info to try to use it against you also I learned). She then proceeds to tear into a profanity laced surge calling me this and that to which I just hang up. Some bottom line- if any of these so called 'firms', 'locators', 'locator services' or 'claims' people call you or your work or others, its a fraud when it comes to getting 'served' legal or court papers. I just hope that this helps even one person on here!

Tomm -- are you 100% sure this was relating to the WS/CC account? This is a new wrinkle and I have been dealing with them for over a year and a half now. What state are you in? Do you have a recording of them saying it's regarding Western Sky or Cash Call? Could be a huge lawsuit for you against them for illegal collection practices. Very interesting indeed!

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momofthree27 momofthree27

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Whoa. Cudos to you for not giving them your exact location, Very smart to direct them to the local police station. You just called their bluff! Mom of three is right. Are you sure this is from Western Sky/Cash Call? Could it be anyone else?

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kscornell kscornell
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Sorry I just saw that I left out about the first guy I spoke with stated it was for WS/CC

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Tomm Tomm

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