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Claims and Charges Against Me?

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I just received a call giving me a claim # and saying that there are charges against me and that I should call this number within 24 hours and I only have one chance? I did not call the number. They also said that they need to verify my address so that they can serve me papers. Any help on this and info on what I should do? I live in NYS.

1. Loan disputes are CIVIL matters, never criminal, threatening "charges" against you is a red-flag that they have no legal power over you (civil or otherwise) AKA scare tactics

2. If someone was going to serve you papers, they would already HAVE your address...

3. Avoid ALL contact unless by email/mail and in that case, if the debt attempted to be collected on is invalid &/or illegal (which it probably is, since you live in NYS) then simply issue cease & desists to whoever tries to contact you; as well as file a complaint through the AG of your state.

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They are scammers mate. They are just trying to scare you. Don’t make any payments and don’t share any personal information with them. File a complaint against them to the SAG or FTC immediately.

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The last two guys are correct, file a complaint towards this entity through your State Attorney General and also through the Federal Trade Commission.

This is clearly an invalid loan as they threatened to charge you as a criminal (a threat like this is illegal under most states that even DO allow payday loans, which your state does not), if you even bother picking up the phone, laugh at them- as the first reply said"Loan disputes are CIVIL matters, never criminal". This means you do not owe them ANYTHING, not even the principal; although you should always work towards paying back the principal on invalid loans, as this is a moral obligation, just remember that if you do, you do it on YOUR TERMS and YOU decide how they will communicate with you. If they are harassing you through phone, mail, email, find out how you would like to communicate and issue a C&D to them in respect to restricting all other channels of communication as well as any communication with your work, relatives, friends, et cetera. Otherwise just issue a C&D on all channels and if you please: remind them that the loan they are collecting on is an ILLEGAL DEBT and CANNOT be collected. As paul would say: they are bottom feeders and are lucky that they even get a response from you. YOU are in charge.

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Jeremy R- Jeremy R-

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Thank you for your response.

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thanks for the props jeremy as i am the paul he was referencing.i second his post btw.

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