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Ever hear of Check Again Collections?

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Hi it's Cardskh, I finally registered so now I am a member.... anyhow.... I closed my old account, got a new one set up right away, sent all my letters as most of you know I have been posting my ordeals with PDL monsters I have dealt with and I felt pretty good. I thought well for now the worst thing they can do it to keep calling and calling or attempt to debit the old account...WRONG..... I wrote a check at my grocery store today and it was denied. This has never happened to me before in my life I was horrified...good thing I had a credit card to use... anyhow I was given a phone number to call for CheckScan, so I call and get some Indian guy who asked me my city and state 3 times, I could hardly understand him, finally he told me that I had been reported for a bad check written on July 11th (the last date my PDLs tried to take money) in the amount of $124.53 (that is one half of a payment to MyPayday He said it was the collection agency, Check Again Collections, who filed it. So I have to wait 30 days Check Scan to research and dispute this. I told them I didn't write a bad check, it was an ACH and I have proof that I revoked it. What is really ticking me off is that I received a phone call from these people 5 times today at least telling me I needed to call them and arrange a payment on my defaulted account...okay so now that you have already reported me, why would I pay you...IDIOTS...I can't believe they reported me already. I am now wondering if the BBB or the Indiana AG can do Anything.... any ideas????

Hi Kalynn,
I don't know if the attorney general can do anything or not, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to send them an email and ask them about it. That is probably what I would do.

I'd maybe check with your bank too, and see if they tried to send through a paper check. I've seen on other posts where these places will draft a paper check after you've revoked ach authorization and then try sending that through instead.

I hope something works out for you soon.. I'd go ahead and send an email to the AG..

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jennifer_bailey75 jennifer_bailey75

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did this place give you any contact info,if not do as jen says
and send a complaint to the indiana for the calls when your dispute comes back they should have an address and
phone#.once you have those send DV and C&D letters.send them certified mail return receipt.

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