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This company is indeed a frued! I have done alot of resreach. You open an account. Send in money... in my case I took out cash advancement's. None of the advancetments would accept this type of payment plan. T&C assured me they would. The check's all hit the bank at once. Which came out of my accounT. Once I had a desposit from my S.S. Dibility check. I was over drawn, so that needed to be paid. None of the check cashing advancement's were notified of this payment arrangement. Although I was told they were. Payment's to two were made of $15.00 a total of $30.00. I Contacted T&C telling them to send the total of $195.00 back to me A.S.A.P! They said they had to have a writteren letter plus would keep $30.00 dollars because I broke the contract, Then said a person has 30-day's to break it if they aren't aren't satisfied. There is a check of $i15.00 that needds also to be returned to me.

Not sure what you asking...

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Mitch Mitch

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Thanks for sharing this information with us. This will help all of the forum members.

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