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Question about hard debit block

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I sent an email to Check N'Go (installment loan) on Monday revoking authorization to debit our account any longer and offering to make payments via money order. They responded that they can't honor my request and payment would still be due (tomorrow). We have a car payment, electric bill, childcare, etc.. that HAS to be paid before this loan. I'm going to my bank today and I don't want to look stupid. Do I just ask for a hard debit block and explain to them what is going on? Also, my hubby's direct deposit will go through tonight and we need that money. Will the block prevent us from withdrawing money tomorrow? We also have our rent check that our landlord has had since the 3rd and still hasn't cleared our bank.

Any advice?

MC it will depend on your bank. I did not even go into detail with my bank that these were PDLs I simply said I needed to block some ACH debits that I had revoked. I did mention to the manager that it had to "debt counseling" and he did not ask me anything personal after that. It could be a problem if you have any pending checks out because if they put a hard hold on your account it will not allow any debits. My bank blocked the debits but allowed my direct deposit to come in, the only problem was I had to wait until the pending transactions I had outstanding had cleared. Just go into your bank and talk to one of the managers. My bank was very understanding and helpful. They even set me up a new account that same day.

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When you go to your bank, go right to the manager. I have lost hundreds of dollars speaking to customer service reps while trying to close my account.

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Agreed on both counts. Only your bank will be able to answer those questions for you as they all have different rules and regs. Make sure it is the branch manager, not a teller, or customer service. Time is of the essence.

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Ok, I'll just go in and see what they have to say! Thank you all so much! This board has been such a blessing for us! :D

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No problem! We have all been there, done that. Just knowing that I was not alone in this was enough to give me the strength to do battle with this. Keep us posted.

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Usually, you have to request 3 business days in advance to stop an ach transaction. That is why Check n Go said they couldn't stop it. It was already out of their hands at that time.

You may not be able to stop things for this pay cycle. It sucks, but at least you will be able to stop it for the next one.

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I don't know about where you live but my bank has seen a lot of this and they were so helpful and understanding of the situation. Let us know how you made out. Good luck

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yes only deal with management on this sort of thing, it is easy for them to say "you misunderstood what 'Betty' told you" or "you should have been more clear when explaining what you were asking" ... I have heard both of those excuses before so I have definitely learned my lesson.

If you use a small, local bank you are much more likely to get satisfaction than if you bank with one of the big guys (Bank of America for one), the big ones are infamous for not having a vested interest in locals and caring about people as people rather than just a little dollar sign with legs hopping around.

Good Luck!
ps also write down names so you don't forget who you spoke to.

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